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Everyone was around Jin and Adam. Even Shelbie. I just walked away. I was at a table. Then Max sat down. "Hey"he said. I looked away. "I know you're mad. I would be to. But I still want to be friends. K"he said. I didn't say anything. "Ross please say something "he said. I stood.

"Stay away. From. Me. "I said leaving. "Ross"he grabbed my arm. "Please"he said. "Let. Me. Go"I whispered. "Why are you doing this"he asked. I looked at him. "Why am I doing this. Why am I doing this. "I yelled. He let me go. "Be happy. Ok. Even if it's not with me. Even though I wish it was me. "I said. "Ross I do .....""you what Max"Shelbie interrupted. "Nothing "he said.

I laughed. "Have fun. "I said. "Ross"he said. "Max. Come on. Walk me to class"she said. They walked away. "Ross"Tim said. I looked at him. "Love sucks sometimes. "I said. He nodded. "Em doesn't know if she wants to date or not"he said.

"It will get better I promise. "I said.

"I hope"he said.

(Time skip)

It's Thursday. It's really close to the family thing. And Max is gonna be there. I really don't want to go. But my mom said I have to. I guess I could get it done and over with.

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