The End

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"Nice story "I said. "Thank you. May I ask your name"Ross asked. "Luna"I said. He smiled. "So how is Max"I asked. "Great. Still at work. But great"he laughed. I smiled.

"Well as long as I have permission. May I publish this"I asked. He nodded. I got up and packed my stuff. I left. I got my notebook out and was going over it. I smiled. At the end I wrote something he may like. I packed stuff in my car. And headed home. This may not be the last time I visit this place.

What she wrote

This is a story of a boy who saw a comet. The comet went away. But cam back to him. There may be comets that never come back. But that probably wasn't a good one. One day. You'll be the boy/girl who saw the comet.

And suddenly your life had meaning.

Goodbye for now

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