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It was Saturday. And I was outside waiting for Adam. Then I saw  Max. "Want to hang out"he asked. I shook my head. "I'm going somewhere with Adam. Want to come"I asked. He looked down. "Adam doesn't like me. Speaking of Adam. Look"he said. I saw Adams car. "Let's go Ross. Oh. Max"Adam looked at Max. "Adam"max said.

It felt super awkward. "Um"I looked down. "Would you like to come with us "I asked again. He nodded. "Sure. If it's ok with him"Max asked. Adam nodded. "Ross is in the front"Adam said. I nodded.

The whole car ride was silent. I saw Max in the back just staring at me. I blushed. Adam saw and said "so Max. Can you edit". Max nodded. "Yea why"he asked. "Wonderful "Adam smiled. I looked at Max. He just shrugged his shoulders.

One we got there Red ran to Adam. "You may want to hurry". Adam looked worried. We ran to the front door. There was a sigh. "Already owned. "Adam whispered. "Crap"he yelled. I stepped back. Tim just stared at the paper. "I thought you said we were looking at it and we still had a choice "Barney asked. "The guy said that"Adam said.

"Adam. "We all heard a man yell. Then we saw a man. "Jeff. What the heck is going on"Adam asked. "That's for downstairs. I saved you the upstairs. I knew you would like hang better "Jeff said. Adam breathed a sigh of relief. Once same got upstairs. We looked around.

"I like this place"Max said. Everyone nodded. Then we saw Em. "Hello"she smiled. "Guys if we do get this place. I asked Em to be the maker of scheduling "Tim said. Adam nodded "and Tim. I got a few more editors. But maybe one more"Adam looked at Max. "Hmm"he said.

"Max we may not like you. Well one of us maybe likes you"Adam paused and looked at me. I blushed. "But you wanna be an editor "Adam asked. Max looked at me. I smiled. He let out a sigh. "Why not". Everyone laughed. I just smiled. "All right. It's settled. Everyone pick an office"Adam smiled. Em went to this big room. "Found it"she yelled. Adam got one next to her. So did red. Then Barney. Me. Max. And some of the editors in a room. "So I talked to the wizard he said he is in. I already got him a office. And a few others to"Adam smiled. "So when schools done. We start work"James asked. 

Adam nodded. "It's our senior year. And we are only a few days in so. Yea. "Tim said. "When it is close to over with school. We can decorate the place"I said. Everyone  nodded. "Ok. Well I'm going home. Anyone need a ride"Tim asked. Em,James , nodded. Barney said he can walk home. Red said to. I told Adam the same thing. And Max followed.

"So this YouTube thing. "Max asked. I smiled. "Seems fun"I said. He shrugged. "I guess. But I think I'll always do edits. Not actual videos. "Max said. "Don't worry. I will talk to Adam. "I smiled. Then we got to my house. "Well see you Monday. "He smiled. I smiled back. "At school. You almost kissed me didn't you"I asked. "Yea. Sorry. I guess I like you"he said. I blushed. "And I guess you like me to"he asked.

I looked away. "Let's not talk about this right now"he said. I nodded. He waved bye and I walked inside. I saw my mom. And dad. "Really"I asked. "Parents. That is whAt we are. "Dad said. I rolled my eyes. "So does he like you"mom asked. I shook my head. "No. "I smiled.

They looked at each other. "Sure"dad said going to his room. Mom looked at me. "Just follow your heart ok. Oh you can invite him over next week. Cause me and your father are going out of town for the weekend. "Mom said going to her room.

I smiled. I do like him.

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