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Friday. Perfect. Lovely. Amazing. Great. Can you tell the sarcasm. I get up and walk downstairs. I see my mom. "Hey"I said. "Hello. "She smiled. "So not gonna say hi"a voice said. I turned around and saw a person I have truly missed. Ethan. I hugged him. "I missed you to"he said. "Oh my god your here. "I said. He nodded.

"I wanted to surprise you. "Mom said. I smiled. "So are you gonna tell me how you been or are we just gonna stare at each other "he said. I looked at my mom. "I told the school you are sick. Show him that trail"she said. I nodded. I ran upstairs got dressed and we walked to the trail.

I pointed to the tree and he laughed. I climbed it and shortly after. He climbed it. "So how's life"he asked. "Good"I said. "Don't lie geek"he said. "Not so good"I sighed. "What's up"he asked.

"Well I met this guy Max"I said. He smiled. "Then one night he told me he is still in love with Shelbie. "I said. He frowned. "Man. The fourth guy"he said. I nodded. "Actually the third"Ethan said. "Ethan "I said.

"You haven't told anyone "he asked. I shook my head. "I can't tell people that the person that liked me. That I didn't like. Was a girl"I said. "Why"he asked. "It's stupid that I was basically abused by her"I said.

"Dude. People won't make fun of you. Your weak. They really kinda expect it "he said. I looked at him. "What. You can't even kill a fly. Let alone hurt a living person "he said. I nodded.

"You have to much kindness in your heart. "He said. I smiled. "What do I do"I asked. "Talk"he said. "How. Shelbie won't let him be alone with me for a second "I said. "Hmm"he thought. "I have a plan"he said. "You know how me and Shelbie are like BFFs"he said. I nodded. "Well. I tell her I am in town. We hang out. Alone. You get time to be with Max. "He said.

"We could try"I asked. "Watch"he got his phone out. Then laughed. "She said tonight is great. Just have to cancel something with boyfriend "Ethan smiled. "Nice"I said. "Now give me phone"he asked. I gave him my phone.

"He said sure. Shelbie just cancelled date. But let's not tell her"he said. I smiled. I grabbed my phone. Texted him something. Then put it away. "What did you say"he asked. I shook my head.

"Come on. Let's enjoy the rest of the day. Until they get it of school"he said. I nodded.

I smiled. I get to hang out with Max. I'm so happy.

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