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"I can't believe I've set up such a stupid mission!"

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"I can't believe I've set up such a stupid mission!"

Tony flew over the roof of the building and silently landed next to the door, scanning the floor with his arm and sighing at the presence of no one but homeless people barely standing on their own two feet.

"Are they really keeping all the drug here?" Wanda asked through the com, following Natasha around the building to search for an emergency exit.

"Well, it was kind of a smart move. Who would ever look for criminals in such a place?!" Natasha stated, kicking one of the back doors open and pointing the gun in front of her, searching for any sign of human movements. Heavily dressed people looked at the two women with terrified expressions, although they probably weren't even strong enough to put up a fight, if it was necessary.

"Well, turns out someone did," Tony mocked, observing his two teammates' movements as they walked through a small hallway, leading them towards a room with homeless unharmed people.

"Take them away from here and reach me as soon as possible, I'm going on the upper floor," Tony stated. He barged into the room and shoot small rockets at two guards who had immediately stood up and pointed their guns at him. They fell limply on the ground and Tony surpassed them insensitively, scanning the whole floor.

"Shit, they have an enormous amount of drugs in here. What about taking some of them for our personal needs, Romanoff?" he joked, walking into the first room and making the whole content of it catch fire.

"You wish, Stark. We're too old for this shit."

As the two women kept helping the people to evacuate the building, Tony set on fire most of the drugs they had been keeping in the rooms. The only armed people in the buidling seemed to be the two Tony had already knocked out.

"Something tells me this is not their headquarter. Nat, you see something suspect?" he said, climbing down the stairs to scan the lower floor.

"Nope," she replied immediately.

"Then let's hurry up and get the hell out of here."

As they took in that no one was on the main floor anymore, Natasha and Wanda reached the floor Tony was already in and started to look around for any type of clues, not finding anything but improvised beds and small kitchens.

Tony sighed in exhaustion. "I guess I'll have to give away a big amount of money here. It was a total hole in the water."

"We found the drugs, though," Wanda noticed, looking around herself, her powers tingling at the tip of her fingers. She was eager to use them, but something told her it wasn't going to go the way she wanted.

"It was just a small amount. They're not enough to keep an entire empire stable, kid. We've seen entire skyscrapers almost built out of drugs, this was nothing. I don't know if they were just this weak, or it was just a way to fuck with us. Either way, let's get out of here."

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