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The eldest Avengers were observing the scene in pure awe. Their eyes were as widened as possible while their clothes and hair flipped around violently, the dirt floating around them even if they barely realized it.

Wanda was standing in the middle of an enormous group of soldiers, trying to take her down. Her hands were raised in the air as a ball of hex of the size of a world map was dancing above her as Hazel and Pietro had their hands on each side of her waist, their eyes closed and their teeth gritting in concentration.


"Are you sure about this? Do you feel ready for using it so lightly? It could severely hurt you."

Hazel sighed heavily, rummaging through her clothes as Wanda stood still on the chair, her head completely covering the camera that had been observing them 24/7.

"I'm sure, Pietro, believe me. And it can't go worse that it already is. But you have to be sure, as well," Hazel stated, and they both nodded immediately. Her breath itched as she heard footsteps coming from the door and Wanda immediately reached the two, grabbing the lamp standing on the nightstand in the process.

The door slammed open as three guards entered the room, guns in hands, pointed at them. Marnikov, Pole and Turner followed suit, their faces contorted in annoyance as they observed the camera, who didn't seem to have anything wrong.

"Are you trying to play games with us? It won't work, you idiots. Oh and, Leaf, I avoided putting a bracelet on you because you have lost your powers, but if you're trying to hide something from us, I'll put it instantly."

Hazel took it as her clue to start and she sighed heavily, fanning a hand in front of her face as she unbuttoned her shirt with the other.

"It's really hot in here, haven't you noticed? We wanted some air conditioner, that's all," she muttered, taking off her sweatshirt and remaining only with a top that she kept unbuttoning.

"What the hell are you doing? Put that on!" a guard exclaimed, reaching her with a hand but blocked immediately by Pietro, who grabbed him by his wrist and twisting it painfully. The sound of the other two arms loading themselves made Hazel and Wanda freeze, scared of the possibility of the silver haired man dying again, but it pushed Hazel into hurrying up.

"Woah, let's calm down. I'm just hot, that's all, give me space," she murmured. She stopped unbuttoning the top as it reached her stomach, enough to see the grey suit surrounding her chest underneath. She ran a hand through her chest and grinned as her hand reached the darker spot at the level of her heart and, before the guards could react, she pressed it.


The small group gathered quickly on the quinjet as it took off, the air whipping violently around it. Steve was sitting next to Natasha, who was piloting the jet, and he was visibly nervous, something that had never happened during a mission, if not when they involved Bucky.

"We'll be there in about two hours, I suggest you guys get ready for everything. That Marnikov guy is more equipped than what we had imagined," Natasha stated. She was clearly tired after interrogating Marnikov's man the whole night, but she had managed to discover the place where he would keep his prisoners and, hopefully, Wanda and Hazel as well. They had decided to leave him under the eyes of Bruce as the others left as soon as Natasha had informed them. Tony and Thor were conversing in one corner as Clint kept polishing his arrows.

Steve was doing his best to concentrate on the mission and not on thoughts about Hazel, but found it almost impossible. He would have never imagined to be so bothered by the well being of yet another person that wasn't the ones he already cared about, but the only thought of Hazel being slightly hurt made shivers run down his spine and he felt more eager every moment to make sure she was well and safe. And, after that, he would have made sure not to fool himself anymore about his feelings for her, for they were way too strong for him to ignore them anymore.

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