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Tony walked inside the training room with the most panicked expression he had probably ever showed.

Natasha and Clint were thankfully alone, casually chatting as they cleaned their weapons. Tony sighed heavily before reaching the two, reprocessing the words in his head to avoid any stuttering.

"Tony, hey. What's up?" Natasha asked when she noticed the man walking towards them. It was weird seeing him there, since he would much prefer disappearing in his laboratory for entire days.

"I-uhm, do you have a moment?" he asked, fiddling with the hems of his shirt.

"Sure, what's up?" Clint replied, putting his arrows aside to give Tony his attention. Natasha did the same as she looked at Tony sitting down in front of them.

"Do-do you remember the dream I had about Ultron?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"How could we forget?"

Natasha scoffed as she glared at Clint. "It wasn't a dream, Tony. Wanda made you see these things."

"That's not the point," Tony exclaimed, putting his hands in front of him to stop his friends from talking. "There's something going on and I feel you two are the only ones I can talk to about it."

Natasha and Clint stopped talking, waiting for Tony to say something.

"I had a dream last night, and it reminded me a hell of a lot of the dream –or whatever it was- about Ultron. It was about the twins and Hazel. I dreamt they killed us all."

"Woah," Clint commented, widening his eyes.

"Are you sure about this? I mean, you can just be nervous, stressed or-"

"I know what I dreamt, Nat, and I trust my instinct. It's not just about the dream, it's just- the power they have, put together, and the fact that they don't really understand it perfectly, it worries me. You get what I'm saying?"



Clint turned towards Natasha, shocked. The assassin was looking straight at Tony, her eyes firm as she sighed.

"Clint, come on. We trained them yesterday, don't tell me they didn't give you an odd vibe. They seemed as if something we couldn't understand was binding them, as if they know something we don't."

"They're kids! They don't know what the hell is happening to them! What are you implying?"

Tony raised his hands, forcing Clint to stop from screaming even more.

"Clint, hey, calm down. I'm not saying we should kill them or anything like it. I'm just warning you before it's too late. I'm not making the same mistake I made with Ultron."

"Ultron was your creation, Tony! They're humans, just like we are, you can't put restrictions on them or pretend they stop using powers. I don't like where this conversation is headed."

"Neither do I, but we have to be realists," Natasha stated, crossing her arms. "we can train them, and I'm sure they'll be able to contain their powers perfectly. They're good kids, even if they didn't start in the best of ways. But we have to avoid them fighting, at least for now."

Clint sighed heavily and sat down, looking at the two in defeat. "What are you planning?"

Neither Tony or Natasha answered, but the look they exchanged was enough to show that their actions were definitely going to have consequences.


"The woman definitely killed him! I mean, look at her fucking expression!"

Bruce slapped Hazel on the shoulder and groaned. "She's shocked, you idiot. It was his brother, of course."

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