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"I so didn't want this," Bruce hissed, his arms tightly crossed on his chest as he furiously tapped his foot on the ground.

"Come on, it's not like we're going on a war. It's only investigation, and we need your skills. It will be over in no time," Natasha exclaimed, sitting down next to him and gently patting his back.

The man turned towards her, his eyes softening as he observed the woman who had stolen his heart. He couldn't deny that Natasha's presence was even more reassuring than Hazel's spark in his head. He would always feel stronger and in control of his other half, when she was there. And she felt the same way, because he was the only one that could shut down her nightmares about the Red Room.

"I love you, Nat. No matter what happens, just remember that," Bruce murmured, caressing her porcelain cheek as Natasha closed her eyes, resting her face on his hand.

"I love you too," she whispered.

The moment was broken by Tony, loudly advising them they had arrived since the sight of that lovey dovey stuff was making him sick to his stomach, and it reminded him of Pepper too much.

The three stood up and got ready to exit the quinjet, the white suits that they were wearing seeming too comfortable for them to realize they were on an important mission.

"Ok, remember we're not really affiliated with the police, so let's try to be as invisible as possible," Tony reminded them, stuffing the tablet in his pocket as he hid the Iron Man hand with a white glove.

"You're the one with a robotic hand," Natasha joked, leading the way as Tony rolled his eyes. The three of them were on the roof of the small building and they knew it wouldn't have taken long before someone noticed the quinjet, so they had to be quick and specific.

They quickly walked inside, melting in the sea of doctors and policemen all dressed in white that walked in the corridor and in the crime scene.

Natasha nodded in the direction of Tony and Bruce as they headed in the opposite direction. She was supposed to gain as many information as possible, while the two would have tried to check the body. It was a really quick job, where they had to gather information as fast possible and comment them only once they were safely in the quinjet.

As Natasha started talking to those who seemed more willing to spill out information, Tony and Bruce casually walked in the crime scene behind another medic, who grabbed a single strand of hair they had found on the ground and walked outside. The two found themselves alone in the room, and Bruce immediately walked towards the corpse, whose arms and legs were abnormally twisted. He checked the face, the parts of the body visible and the neck. He took a sample of blood from his forehead and nodded at Tony, who pushed him outside as they searched for Natasha.

"Hey, there is a huge helicopter on the roof! Who put it there?!" someone yelled behind them, and Tony and Bruce took it as their clue to go. They tried not to run as they quickened their paces, reaching the stairs that led to the roof as they observed other policemen doing the same. Several people were gathered on the roof, observing the quinjet even if they didn't find any way to open it.

"Where the hell is Natasha?" Tony half whispered to Bruce, who shrugged as he looked around himself.

"Behind you," he heard the familiar voice behind him and Tony didn't even turn as he removed the white glove and shoot a smoke bomb in the direction of the police. As they started coughing and covering their eyes, the three Avengers quickly gathered in the quinjet and Natasha drove away, the bridge still closing as they were already in mid air.

They didn't even talk as they continued on with their mission. They were supposed to do the same thing with other three crime scenes, but the police station had been already informed as they were checking the third body and they were forced to return to the Tower, even if they had probably gathered enough information.

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