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Tony remembered this type of dreams. He had one of them before, and it had ended into him building a monster that almost blew the entire planet up.

This scene, though, was set in a much smaller place. The kitchen of the Stark Tower was completely destroyed, the glass windows broken as ashes fell from the ceiling, blood spilled everywhere on the ground.

He firstly spotted Natasha, her body laying inhumanly on the ground as her eyes were open wide, the last expression of utter shock as life was taken away from her. Then Clint, impaled on the wall by a wooden board, and Steve, even Bruce, all laying on the ground, lifeless. Tony's own body was nowhere to be found, but he didn't bother as he observed the three figures standing still, their hands tightly squeezing each other as they looked around them.

Hazel, Wanda and Pietro seemed as if they hadn't participated to that massacre, but the vibe that their positions sent Tony, was that they had created it themselves.

His breathing was erratic as he stood up from the bed, trying to clean his sweaty forehead. The room was warm, the first lights of the morning shyly making their way in the room, enough for Tony to see where his feet landed.

He shakily grabbed a towel from the cupboard and walked in the bathroom, washing his face before placing his hands on the sides of the sink and looked at his reflection on the mirror.

The dream still felt lucid to him, as if he had actually just lived it. It was bringing him back to things he would have preferred not to think about, but the name Ultron kept being yelled in his head, like a warning of something awful about to happen.

But what was he supposed to think? That the twins and Hazel were about to kill each one of them? They had tied strong bonds with the member of the Avengers, Tony couldn't even think they could have actually massacred them.

But the three of them appeared out of nowhere, as if someone put them exactly where they had to be for you to find them.

Tony violently shook his head, groaning loudly as he backed away from the mirror. He was thinking nonsense, and in times like these the worst thing he could have done was doubting his friends' loyalty to the cause.

But as he walked outside of the room to catch some fresh air, his mind didn't stop bothering him with menacing doubts.


Hazel tried to ignore the obnoxious ringing in her ears as she smiled at Bruce, who walked past her to reach Wanda, Pietro already standing up with a bandage on his inner elbow.

"I swear to God, my life is made of tests," she stated, disinfecting the small cut before placing a bandage on it.

"It's for your own good, you know it," Bruce immediately replied, pinching the syringe before placing it next to the other blood filled two.

"I know, Bruce, you don't have to remind me every time." Hazel giggled, trying to avoid Wanda as the witch tried to hit her.

"I swear you two are three year old kids when you are together," Pietro stated, rolling his eyes as he made the two stand up and head towards the exit of the lab.

"Wait, you guys go, I'll reach you," Hazel suddenly exclaimed, walking away from the twins to reach Bruce. The doctor raised his head and smiled at her, waiting.

"I finished your books, all of them," she stated with a grin.

"Did you?" Bruce exclaimed, widening his eyes.

"Well, you know, I didn't have much to do when I woke up after Lucy shot me, and I needed to distract myself when I was strong enough to think. Your books helped me a lot."

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