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After Pietro's confession, as if she had been somehow summoned, Wanda knocked on the door, smiling subtly as she looked at the two people she loved the most.

"Am I interrupting something?" she asked. She noticed Pietro's puffy eyes as well as Hazel's expression, but somehow she didn't get disturbed by it. She knew that their relationship had only gotten stronger after that conversation, and she couldn't feel happier.

Hazel shook her head and smiled sweetly at Wanda, widening her arms to invite her in. Wanda didn't waste any second and walked inside, hugging Hazel tightly before looking at the both of them. Instead of a long conversation, the reconciliation between Wanda and Hazel had been way more silent and subtle. After saving her life, Wanda had realized how much she cared about her, and Hazel had noticed it, even while unconscious. Any doubt about the witch had disappeared, just like any feeling of betrayal and delusion. They forgave each other with a single stare and a hug, and there was nothing else needed.

They spent almost the whole afternoon just talking and laughing. From the outside, people could have noticed an odd aura surrounding the three, but they were distracted enough not to notice it. Marnikov had been honest about that, and the three of them knew it. Together, they held an unthinkable power, that could have been beautiful as well as extremely dangerous, if not handled the right way.

They were interrupted only in the evening by Steve, who observed them for a moment with a wide grin on his face before entering the room, Hazel's eyes immediately brightening at his sight.

"Hazel, I think it's better if you come with me. You two come as well, obviously," he said, offering his hand as she uncertainly stood up. She grabbed Steve's hand and gave it a little squeeze before they walked away together, followed suit by Wanda and Pietro. The small group headed towards the elevator and Steve pressed the main floor's button waiting as the doors closed only to open again a few moments later.

Tony, Clint, Bruce and Natasha were already there, silently chatting with each other as a few guards were standing by the main door. Hazel was utterly confused by the situation, but something told her she knew exactly what was happening when she noticed Lucy appearing from the second elevator, her wrists handcuffed as she was guided by four guards. She sent a hateful glare towards her sister as Hazel felt the bile raising up in her throat.

"We thought it was best to hand her to the government, since we already obtained what we needed from her, and you already vented enough. Good punch, by the way," Tony said, winking at her as she widened her eyes.

"Do the others know?" she asked, blushing at the thought of Steve observing the horrible scene of her punching Lucy in the face.

"Yes, but the reactions weren't as bad as you think."

Hazel smiled for a moment, but the sight of Lucy being taken away distracted her. She hoped she would never see her again, but the way they were departing, once again, was breaking her more than the first time. Even if she hadn't caused her death, and she had grown accustomed to that idea, the guilt hadn't disappeared. She still felt that the reason why Lucy had turned evil was because of her and of her powers, and she would have forever kept her as the only person she wasn't able to heal, despite her abilities.

"What will happen to her?" she asked, tightly squeezing Steve's hand as she looked up at Tony.

"This is none of our concern. But she won't hurt anyone, anymore, that's for sure."

Hazel nodded, but somehow it didn't make her feel any better. She wanted to fix her, to help her regain the lead to the right path, but maybe it was too late for her to be saved, and Hazel had to accept it and move on.

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