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The morning after, Wanda woke up feeling extremely positive about the day

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The morning after, Wanda woke up feeling extremely positive about the day. It was something that hadn't happened since Pietro died and she almost felt guilty for it, but the feeling was too overwhelming for her to actually be put down by it.

She gracefully patted through the hallway and towards the kitchen, expecting no one to be there that early in the morning. She, though, found Steve sitting near the kitchen table, slightly snoring as his arms were tightly crossed around his chest.

She smiled faintly at him and reached the top shelf, grabbing a pack of biscuits before sitting down in front of the captain, crossing her legs on the chair as she started eating.

She knew it was a really rude thing to do, but she loved seeing other people's happy dreams, it was something that made her feel at peace, and in that moment Steve was smiling so brightly in his sleep that it was as if he was inviting her to check in his head.

She sent a small stream of her hex towards his temple and it slowly entered Steve's head, her eyes suddenly closing as she found herself somewhere else, her feelings colliding with Steve's.

He was sitting down on a small wooden path constructed over a lake surrounded by tall trees, the light barely peeking over the natural buildings that protected the small heavenly place.

A girl suddenly appeared behind Steve and sat down, her curvilinear figure abandoned next to him as he embraced her sweetly, planting a kiss on her temple. They exchanged sweet words that Wanda knew she didn't have to know, but she walked closer to the pair only to observe the girl's face. She took in her features when she turned towards him, almost willing to be seen by Wanda, who finally managed to see how Peggy looked like. Her beauty was breathtaking and she finally realized that Steve never exaggerated when he used to rant about the strong woman he had lost a long time before.

Her features, though, started to change and, almost immediately, Peggy's dark hair were replaced by a light brown color and the expression turned softer and brighter, showing another beautiful woman, Hazel.

Wanda's breath itched, but her heart softened at the sight of the two cuddling together. Steve seemed to have noticed the change in person, but wasn't bothered by it. He hugged the girl tightly and planted a kiss on her hair, her green power embracing them both in a comfortable hug.

Wanda knew it was enough for her and walked out of the dream just in time for Steve to wake up and smile tiredly at the witch, who grinned sheepishly at him.

"Slept well?" she asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Amazingly," he commented, standing up. He ruffled her hair and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Wanda with a wide grin on her face.


"This is one of the best, look. It's called The Sorrows of Young Werther, written by Goethe. It's a really sad book, but...you know, sometimes it alleviates my pain. Even if he has a luckier fate." Bruce's face fell and he stared down at the book, softly caressing its cover. Hazel smiled sadly at her friend and squeezed his shoulder, carefully pushing him.

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