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Her head was hanging low, her whole body so stiff it seemed like she was dead

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Her head was hanging low, her whole body so stiff it seemed like she was dead. The only movement that came from her immobile body was the little wave of the strands of hair in front of her face, due to the shaky breaths she would eventually take.

The hallway was extremely bright and clean, and the wheelchair she was sitting on rolled on the ground smoothly, almost without making any sound. Hazel tried to raise her head to look at who was moving it, but she only saw faceless people with white coats and black gloves that were tightly gripping her shoulders to avoid her every movement.

The scene suddenly changed and the girl fell to the ground, her surroundings darkening more and more as the only light came from the green power that she was unleashing like a storm.

"Stop it! Hazel, stop!" but she couldn't stop, she just couldn't. The green streams got wider and wider as she brought her hands to her head and closed her eyes, rocking her body back and forth to try and calm down. But that voice kept screaming and she couldn't stop panicking-

"Hazel, Hazel! Wake up, it's me, Steve, I'm here!"

Hazel opened her eyes and realized she was screaming. She closed her mouth shut and looked around herself, noticing Steve sitting on the bed in front of her and Wanda and Natasha standing behind him with worried expressions.

She started sobbing as she got used to her surroundings and Steve embraced her, her head resting on his strong chest.

"It's ok, it's over now. Shhh, you're ok," he started mumbling as Hazel did her best to stop the tears soaking Steve's shirt.

When she managed to calm down, she gently pushed Steve away and wiped her tears, blushing at the traces of them on his grey shirt.

"I'm so sorry," she muttered, looking at Natasha and Wanda. The first had a preoccupied expression, while the second seemed almost curious about what had happened.

"It's ok, we're used to nightmares. Are you ok now?" Natasha asked, not looking directly at her. She still remembered the way Hazel had talked to her the day after, and there was definitely embarrassment between them.

"Yeah, thank you," she said, smiling faintly while Steve stood up and followed the two girls out of the room after giving her one last look.

Hazel sighed heavily and stood up from the bed, padding towards the bathroom. She had an exhausted expression, but it wasn't the worst thing. Her mind was working ten times more than it normally did, and it wasn't good. She would normally have about fifty different thoughts in one minute, but now it was way worse. She could almost feel the headach kicking in because of the short circuit her thoughts were causing. She decided to take a shower, perfectly knowing it wouldn't have helped at all.


Natasha slumped down on the couch as Steve and Wanda followed her. Steve and Natasha immediately looked at Wanda as she mindlessly twisted the rings on her fingers, her lip trembling.

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