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The sound of a gun loaded was the only thing that could be heard in the room. Echoes of screams and fights could be heard in the distance, but Bruce could only focus on the gun in his hands and the monster waking up inside of him that he so desperately had to keep locked down.

He took a deep breath as he heard multiple footsteps approaching the door of the lab. He wondered for a moment why he always had to find himself hiding in the laboratory when they were attacked, but he assumed it was probably because it was the only place that made him feel safe and calm enough not to turn into Hulk. Still, something told him that a gun wasn't enough to stop whatever was attacking the Tower.

The footsteps suddenly stopped in front of the door and silence fell upon the place, making Bruce's spine shiver in expectation. Then, a loud bang slammed the door open and soldiers gathered inside, scanning the room with torches attached to their guns.

"Check everywhere, find him," a deep voice ordered and the soldiers scattered around the room, getting closer and closer to the closet where Bruce was hiding.

Bruce knew there was no way of escaping it when the doors opened violently and soldiers immediately started shooting at him, not even giving him time to process the situation and calm down. A deep growl came from his throat and his eyes widened in pure rage, making his fists clench tightly. A surreal peace filled his mind as he turned into Hulk, and Hazel's words kept echoing in his head as his skin turned green, his facial features transforming drastically.

Panic soared from the soldiers that kept shooting at him, even if he felt nothing but slight pinches on his bare skin. Almost forgetting what those soldiers were able to do, Hulk crashed against them, taking down four of them all together at an impressive speed.

But what he didn't notice at first, was the fact that every single contact with one soldier's face or hand, slightly lowered his power. His punches became weaker and weaker, just like his insurmountable rage gradually subsiding.

He found himself panting, his skin alternating from pink to green as his hands shivered violently. He had taken down all the soldiers, but an imperceptible feeling of doubt was invading his thoughts as he wondered whether he would have been able to take out other soldiers, considering what was happening to him.

He couldn't even wrap his head around the realization that his power was disappearing from him, that maybe this was his chance to leave behind Hulk and live a normal life as Bruce Banner, when another wave of soldiers entered the room, ready to attack and to avoid him for ever getting out of that laboratory.


"We could... explode the door?"

Pietro shook his head pressed against his hands.

Hazel groaned, kicking the wall only to feel an excruciating pain in her toes.

"Son of a-"

"No matter what we try to do, if we combine our powers we might blow the whole tower up, and we know it! Maybe Tony wasn't so wrong-"

"Don't you dare, Wanda," Hazel hissed, sitting on the ground as she held her foot in her hands, tears brimming in her eyes. "Tony betrayed us only God knows why, but there has to be a reason why he did it. And the others didn't help him, so we have to help them. I'm not going to sit here and wait for the fight to be over, there's no way I am."

"Actually... we didn't know Tony was even involved in this. It was Natasha and Clint that brought us here."

"That's not the point! If they wanted to betray us for good, they would have killed us. As much as it was a dick move, I'm willing to accept they did it for our good, which means we'll do anything we can to save them."

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