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"Ok, that was the last one."

Hazel stepped off the bed and attached the band aid on her inner elbow as Bruce walked over the opposite table, adding the test tube with her blood to the others. She observed them, thinking of a possible answer to her doubts resting in those cells that had stopped running in her body, and ached to know what he would have found.

"Can I go now?" she asked, rolling her right sleeve down as she stared at Bruce.

"No, not yet. Can you show me that... thing you did back in Marnikov's base?"

Hazel tensed at the words instinctively and her mind started to process all the reasons why she shouldn't have done that, how it could have been dangerous for her well being, but the small sane part of her mind was still strong enough to convince her that she didn't have any reason to refuse Bruce's question.

She slowly removed her sweater and the shirt underneath, exposing the vest that now felt even heavier than normal. That power that had normally remained asleep, without any need to wake up, was now aching to release itself and be used towards any living thing around. She feared this was the reason why her thoughts were so dark and persisting.

Her hand moved towards the darkest spot on her heart and she pressed it, the green wings immediately appearing as she looked down, ashamed of what she could do.

"Astonishing," Bruce muttered, his eyes widened in awe as he walked around Hazel and tried to create a contact with the power, that didn't allow him any closer.

"How is it kept contained by a single vest?" he said out loud, and Hazel answered even if she didn't know if he had actually asked her.

"This vest is directly attached to my heart. When I press this spot, an electrical bolt is sent towards it and releases this power that is normally controlled by my body. I- I don't even know it existed, actually."

Bruce's eyes raised towards her and he looked at her confusedly.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I don't remember most of the enhancement, but I perfectly remember this vest being put on me. It was said that it was to keep some of my powers in check, but I didn't know which of them were stopped. I've always been too scared to find out, but when we were in Marnikov's base I didn't think properly. I knew they were powerful, and I knew that whatever they were, they could have woken up those who had been stopped when I brought Pietro back. It was a risk, but I took it."

"And you did the right thing."

Hazel and Bruce turned their heads towards Steve, who was standing next to the glass door with his arms crossed.

"Even if it was dangerous," he added, walking closer to the two and playfully pinching Hazel's nose before turning towards Bruce.

"Found something interesting?" he asked.

"Not yet." Bruce sighed, walking back to a computer to type something in. "These wings work the same way her healing powers do, but she can do some damage, this way. I have no idea why they work the way they do when in contact with the twins, but I think we might make them come here to find out. Just-" he immediately added when he felt Hazel tensing up. "-not now, not yet. You need to relax and work on yourself, before we let anyone else in here. Don't worry, you won't see them soon."

Hazel sighed heavily, running a hand through her face. "Is this so clear?"

"Well, last time I checked, you were slowly killing Wanda with your stare. I don't know what changed between you two, but I seriously hope you solve this problem."

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