Chapter Ten

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"Vic, Kellin isn't allowed to see Copeland outside of the visits. You understand that right?"

"Right, that's why we're going out to dinner during a visit. Is that a problem?"

I was getting a bit annoyed at Austin's constant badgering. I hear him sigh. "I don't know Vic, one of my first cases the parent basically used the foster parent. Made them think they liked them so that they could see their kid more. I just want you to be safe about this okay?"

"I understand your concern, but I assure you that that's not going to happen."

But what if I'm wrong, what if Kellin is pretending to have interest just so he can see Copeland more?

"Okay but Vic, you've gotta know. Kellin... He uh..."

Copeland walks out of her room, clutching her blanket. "In here Cope." I call, watching as she turns and slumps into my room. "I've gotta go Austin, I'll call you sometime later." He starts to protest but I hang up, looking over at the sleepy Copeland.

"How'd you sleep?"

She squints, making grabby hands. I smile softly, picking her up and snuggling her into my chest. "I love you." Copeland murmurs, letting me hug her tightly. "I love you too, and so does your dad. Don't forget that okay?"

She probably didn't hear me because she fell asleep right away, slumped against my chest. Kellin was due to be here in a couple hours, so I might as well let her sleep so she doesn't fall asleep like last time. I lay back, Copeland rolling off of me and cuddling into my shoulder. I smile, closing my eyes and slipping into sleep.


"Vic... Vic wake up!"

I squint, rubbing my eyes.

"Copeland what're yo-."

"Daddies at the door!"

I jump up, pulling a shirt on and grabbing my phone Three missed calls from Austin. He really needs to stop. I rush to the door, opening it to Kellin. "Oh, did you just wake up?"

"Yeah, I didn't realize that I would sleep for as long as I did. How long have you been waiting out there?" I ask, letting him into the house. "It doesn't matter." He shrugs, taking Copeland into his arms. "No, it really does. I didn't mean to sleep that long."

"Uhm... Well you have a porch swing so it wasn't really that bad but I've been here since... Two."

"What?! Kellin! Its five!"

He shrugs, pressing a kiss to Copeland's temple. "Why didn't you call me?" He just shrugs again, Copeland smiling and resting her head against Kellin's shoulder. "I don't know, anyway how're you feeling."

I rub my face, my phone vibrating in my pocket. "I should be asking you." I say, pulling my phone out of my pocket. Kellin stays quiet as I answer the call, Austin of course. "Hello?"

"Vic, Kellin called me five times, two of them while he was crying. Where were you?"

I look up at Copeland and Kellin, a smile on both of their faces as Kellin takes Copeland's hand is his. "I was asleep, I didn't mean to leave him on the porch." I say the last part quietly, giving Kellin a nod before leaving the room.

"Vic, I know you mean well with taking him out to dinner with Copeland and all but you've gotta remember things. I've known you forever, and I know you didn't mean to fall asleep but Kellin is a very sensitive person. When he called me earlier he thought that you were ignoring him."

"I know, I need to be more aware. I've been really off my game. Thank you for opening my eyes in a way."

"It's my job Vic, as a social worker and as your friend. Just be... Be careful with him."

"Alright, I'll talk to you later."

I hang up after saying goodbye, pocketing my phone and going out to see Kellin and Copeland sitting on the couch. "So, you still up for dinner?" He smiles at this. I didn't realize earlier, but his eyes are a little bit red and puffy.

"Heck yeah, how about you Cope, wanna go out for dinner?" Kellin asks, Copeland still on his hip. She nods, a smile on her face. "I'll only go if I can get chocolate milk." She says, hiding in Kellin's collarbone. "That's my girl." Kellin laughs, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

The way he basically radiated love for his daughter killed me. The absentminded kisses he'd place on her forehead, or how he'd lightly squeeze her into his side, a loving look on his face. We all made our way towards the car, me making sure to grab my keys and wallet.

"Where do you want to go?" I ask, Kellin kissing Copeland forehead after buckling her in. I've started to realize how affectionate and attached he is to her. Kellin hops into the front seat, a small smile on his face. "Uhm, I don't really know, you can pick."

I nod, pulling out of the driveway. The ride to the restaurant is quiet besides the radio playing. I can heard Kellin humming along quietly; I could tell he has an amazing voice just by his humming.

As we pull into the parking lot of a family restaurant that I've been to many times, Perkins. "Do they have chocolate milk?" Copeland asks hopefully, letting me pull her onto my hip. "Yeah, they have chocolate milk. Me and my brother always ordered chocolate milk."

Copeland smiles at this, tugging on my shirt. Kellin follows us into the building, people eyeing us as we enter. "Table for three please." I say, Kellin standing close to me and looking at the people staring at us. The lady looks us up and down, nodding and pulling out two adult menus and one kid menu. She waves a hand at us for us to follow, Kellin grabbing my arm as an old couple glare at us.

The lady gives us a table in the back, laying the menus on the table and smiling at Copeland. She smiles back, hiding in my collarbone. The lady that I soon find out is named Dania, pulls up a highchair for Cope, standing to the side as I put Copeland into the highchair.

"What drinks can I get y'all tonight."

"Chocolate milk!" Copeland says, clapping her hands happily.

Dania smiles, writing on her notepad. "Make that two chocolate milks." I say.


"Alright, three chocolate milks coming up."

Dania leaves, Kellin smiling softly as Copeland immediately starts telling a story.

I love this, the three of us just sitting and talking. The only thing that I don't love is the stares we were getting. An older lady across the room keeps looking over at us, a disgusted look on her face. After at least five minutes of her staring at us she catches my eye. She shakes her head slightly, lips pulled into a frown. I smile brightly, scratching my forehead and then blatantly flipping her off.

Kellin snorts, smacking my hand softly. Copeland looks at me with a confused look, trying to stick up her middle finger. "No sweetie, don't do that." Kellin wheezes, laughing even harder.

This is it, this is where I want to stay.


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