Chapter Sixteen

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"So, you actually baked this cake?"

"Yup, I made it with my skills."

"Mike you have no skills."

"Uhm yes I do, stop bullying me."

"I like the cake Uncle Mike."

Mike smiles proudly, Kellin's eyes widening. "Mike you did not." I say slowly. He laughs. "She likes calling me that so I let her." He shrugs, shoving cake into his mouth.

I roll my eyes, Kellin smiling softly. "I think it's cute." He says, his tone as soft as his smile. Copeland smiles up at us, happily eating her cake. She makes a mess of her face and the table surrounding her plate but nobody minds, I'll clean it up when she's done.

My phones rings on the kitchen counter, the annoying buzzing sound echoing in the room. I continue to eat my cake, Mike and Kellin looking at me. "Are you gonna go get it?" Kellin asks softly, giving me a curious look. "Yeah." I sigh, taking another bite of my cake before standing.

The caller I.D. makes me speed up, the white letters spelling 'Eleanor' out over my screen. I quickly pick up my phone, heading to my room for some privacy. "Hello?" I say into the speaker hesitantly.

"Vic, hi. So... I know you have Copeland and all but there's this baby; I know how much you love babies. His name is Jackson and he's around eleven months. We can't find anyone that'll take him. It's only for a day or two." Eleanor says quickly, trying to get her point across.

"Did you try Tyler? I know him and Jenna like taking babies."

Eleanor sighs. "They're in Mexico."


"Yeah, it's only for a little bit please? I know you have Copeland and I know it's her birthday and all but I really, really need someone to take him. None of his close family wants him, not even his aunt who lives like ten minutes away. His mom is in jail and his dad is somewhere, nobody knows. It'll only be till we find someone who'll take him in."

I listen to her small rant, letting her talk while I make up my mind. I've had plenty of babies come and go, how hard can it be?

"Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Oh my God thank you so much, you're a lifesaver Vic!" She exclaims, letting out a loud sigh of relief. "It's not a problem, see you soon."

"Yeah, yeah. See you soon."

I hang up, going back out to Mike, Kellin, and Copeland. "I just got a placement." I say, grabbing my jacket off of my chair. Kellin looks down at his cake in disappointment, frowning. "I'll be back real soon." I promise, hugging Mike and pressing a kiss to Copeland's head.

Kellin watches as I shuffle around the table, leaning down and giving him a hug. He smiles, face pink as he looks down at his plate.

"I'll be back real soon."


He was crying.

He wouldn't stop crying.

"Shh... It's okay." Eleanor hushes, giving me a sympathetic look as she hands me the screaming child. "How long has he been crying?" I ask, looking at the poor kid with an unsure look. "Don't worry he's probably just tired." Eleanor brushes off my question, picking up his diaper bag.

"There's a bottle in here and some cans of formula. I'm sure you have extra at home. Uhm... I was told that he sleeps pretty good through the night. He's a size four in diapers and hasn't started eating solids yet." Eleanor explains, giving Jackson a sad, sympathetic look as he continues to wail in my arms.

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