Chapter Nineteen

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real quick before you read , I rewrote a couple of these chapters. no big change or anything , it doesn't effect the plot line. you can read now , enjoy


"Vic I'm going out!" Mike calls, pulling on his jacket. "Wait!" I call back, Jackson propped on my hip, wooden spoon covered in spaghetti sauce in my hand. "Where have you been going these past days? You're never home."

"What are you, my mom?"

I glare at him, Brutus licking at the floor as small specks of spaghetti sauce slip off my spoon. "No... It's just... I don't know. You live under my roof so i guess it's kinda my right to know where you're going. Unless it's super secret." I say, plopping my spoon back into the pot on the stovetop.

Mike lets out a huff of breath, rolling his eyes. "If you really need to know, I'm seeing someone."

My eyes widen. "Really?! Who?!" I exclaim, forgetting the sauce and rushing over to him. He rolls his eyes again, Jackson sucking his fist into his mouth.

"You don't know her. We met a week after Melissa kicked me out."

I nod in understanding. "What's her name?"


"You should invite her over for dinner. That'd be so great."

He shrugs, zipping up his jacket. "Maybe, I'll talk to her about it. See ya."

Then he leaves.

I sigh, setting Jackson down into the pack n play I set up. "Dinner'll be ready soon, just play for awhile." I say, Jackson looking at me with curious eyes.

I rush to the kitchen, making sure my sauce doesn't burn.

The clock on the stove says that it's nine fifty-two, but I know that it's three hours ahead. That means Kellin should be here any minute. He's due to drop Copeland off, but I invited him to eat dinner with us and he agreed.

Jackson begins to whine, smacking his little hands against the pack n play. "One second babe." I sigh, taking the sauce off the burner to let it cool.

He starts to cry, grabbing his toys and throwing them over the edge of the pack n play.

"Excuse me, don't do that!" I rush over to him, picking up the toy he tossed out. He stares at me, picking up his truck and throwing it. "Hey! Bad, don't do that! You play with your toys, don't throw them."

He starts to cry harder and I sigh, picking him up and propping him on my hip. "Just cause you cry doesn't mean you get your way babe." I say to him, letting him cry into my shoulder.

There's a knock on the door as I continue to hush the crying baby in my arms. I rush to the door opening it to see Kellin and Copeland.

Copeland rushes in, hugging my legs. "I've missed you Vic!" She exclaims, looking up at me. She pulls away and frowns as she sees Jackson. "I've missed you too Cope." I smile, opening the door a bit more so that Kellin can come in.

He smiles at me, Copeland glaring at Jackson as she follows Kellin into the living room. "It smells like fall in here." Kellin laughs, taking his shoes off. "I know I love it, I just bought some new candles and they are almost gone already." I laugh, setting Jackson down. He starts to whine immediately, following me.

"Jackson I gotta finish making dinner." I sigh, putting my hands on my hips as I look down at him. "I can hold him if you want." Kellin says, standing and coming over to me. I smile, watching as Jackson makes grabby hands at us. "Thanks so much." I sigh, Kellin shrugging.

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