Chapter Twenty-Four

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I lied lol this is the second to last chapter (I also just realized I lie a lot oops)

the Austin Carlile followed me on Twitter and gave me advice on my first day at my job???? I legit cried


It's a nice, cool day as I buckle Jackson into his seat. He babbles at me, grabbing onto my hair and giggling. "Babe, let go." I laugh, latching onto his wrist. He giggles, shaking his fists. I manage to pry his small fingers out of my hair, shaking my head at him.

"Why do you only pull my hair? Kellin has long hair too." I sigh, pressing a kiss to his forehead. He blows a raspberry at me, picking up the toy I gave him.

Two slim arms wrap around my waist, a head resting on my back. "Today's gonna be so great." Kellin's voice says softly, a smile coming to my lips. He has no idea.

I lean into his touch, letting out a small sigh. "Are you worried?" He asks, letting me turn around. "No, I know I'm gonna get him." I say confidently, brushing some hair out of Kellin's face.

He blushes, smiling softly. "Where's Cope?" I ask, looking towards the house. "Bathroom, she'll be out in a minute." He hums, leaning in and pressing his lips to mine.

I smile into the kiss, tilting my head to get a better angle. "Dad! I can't find my shoes!" Copeland yells out, letting out a loud sigh. Kellin breaks the kiss, reaching up to fix my tie. "I'll be right back." He hums, pressing a final kiss to my lips before turning to go help Copeland.

Jackson throws his toy, letting out a screech. "Don't throw your toys." I scold, picking up the plastic toy and handing it back to him. He shakes it violently, smiling widely. He has three little teeth coming in, two at the bottom and his  canine tooth.

His doctor said that its normal for the two front teeth and the two bottom front teeth to come in first, so it was kinda weird that his canine was coming in before his two front teeth. I smile at him fondly, lightly stroking his cheek.

He slaps my hand out of the way, smiling widely. I dodge his pudgy little hands to kiss his face again, letting out my own laugh.

I close the door, going around to the drivers seat. A couple minutes later Kellin walks out with Copeland, leading her to the car.

Kellin helps her into her car seat, buckling her up and coming to sit in the passenger seat. "Ready?" I ask, reaching over and grabbing his hand. "Are you?" He asks, lacing our fingers together.

I smile at him, backing out of the driveway.

"Do you think it'll be different?" Kellin wonders, staring out the window. "Probably not, I've had him for so long, I don't think it'll make anything different. But now I have an excuse to treat you guys to a nice dinner tonight." I smile, squeezing his hand.

He rolls his eyes, smiling softly.

"Have you ever had the chance to adopt before?"

I look over at him thoughtfully, shaking my head. "I was close to adopting, but then the mom straightened herself right at the end." I hum, lightly running my thumb along his hand.

"It was my first foster placement. I honestly thought I was gonna adopt her, but it didn't end up that way in the end." I smile, Kellin looking over at me.

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