Chapter Seven

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Oli was quickly ushered out of the room, Kellin slumping against his chair. He looked devastated, eyes watering and staring at the table. "It's not for sure but they really want you to stay longer." Austin continues, trying to explain this to Kellin. "They seem to be leaning towards the longer stay than letting you out at your normal time."

Kellin puts head in his hands, shoulders going slack. I quickly go over to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "I'm sorry Kellin." Austin says, frowning. "You know what? I'll be right back." I stand up, patting Kellin's head.

I rush out of the room, passing the room with Eleanor and Copeland. "Hey, is there someone I can talk to about Kellin's stay?" I ask the lady at the main desk. "Are you family?" She asks, clicking around on her computer.


"I'm his boyfriend."

The lady raises her eyebrow, pinching her lips together. "Technically relationships aren't taken as family but this one time I'll accept this. I might get fired but you look really frazzled." The lady whispers, leaning closer to me so I can hear.

"His therapist may be able to talk to someone higher up, his name is Dr. Ashby. His room is in the south wing, A. Ashby should be on the door. I'll call him to tell him you're on your way over. Go get your friend Austin to go with too, maybe both of you can convince him." The lady continues, picking up the phone and typing in a couple numbers.

"Go!" She whispers, holding the phone to her ear. I speed walk down the hallway towards the room Kellin and Austin were in. I knock on the door before entering the room. Kellin looks up, eyes puffy and red. "Austin, can I see you for a second?" I ask, giving Kellin a small smile.

"The lady at the desk called Dr. Ashby, Kellin's therapist. His room is in the south wing, we can go talk to him and maybe convince him into only keeping Kellin till next week." I rush, Austin nodding. He opens the door, peaking his head in. "I'll be right back." He says to Kellin, closing the door lightly.

"I'll follow you." Austin says. I nod, quickly walking down the hallway. The lady barely even looks up, pointing to our left. I thank her, walking down the hallway she pointed to. "Vic here." Austin says, pointing down a hallway I missed. An arrow points down it reading, 'South Ward' in weird font.

"You check the doors on that side and I'll check the doors on this side." I say. Austin nods, beginning to check the doors. Some of them were blank while others had names of people I've never met.

Finally, almost halfway down the hall a door reads 'A. Ashby', the font weirdly neat compared to the other doors. All the other names I had read were all in swooping cursive font while his was just plain. I knock on the door, signalling Austin over. "By the way before we go in I told the lady I was Kellin's boyfriend so that I could get information." Austin opens his mouth to say something but the door opens.

A short ginger man stands before us. He smiles, motioning us in. "You must be Kellin's boyfriend!" Dr. Ashby says happily. Austin looks at me, raising an eyebrow. "Yup." I smile. "Please, take a seat." He says, sitting behind his desk and motioning to the chairs in front of it. Austin sits down first, Dr. Ashby studying his face.

"Well, I'm guessing you're here to talk about Kellin's stay?" Dr. Ashby asks, guessing correct. "Yes, it's just that Kellin has been doing a lot better recently. He really has changed for the best. Keeping him here longer will make him depressed again. He really misses his daughter and wants nothing more than to get out and continue the process of getting her back." I say, explaining as good as I can.

Dr. Ashby nods, looking me up and down. "I can't really share what he says to me but, he really cares about you Vic."

My stomach drops.

"I know you really aren't his boyfriend." He smiles brightly. "But Kellin does talk about someone special, so make sure to keep an eye on him and don't do anything dumb."

My face heats up.

"I would also like to put in my input on this matter." Austin starts.

I block out his talk about how good a kid Kellin is. Thoughts run rampage through my head. Someone special? Did Kellin really talk about me that much? But the question is... Do I think the same of him?

"So Vic, Austin. You both give me very nice cases. But I don't know if he's still a danger to himself and other people. He had no problem beating Oli up." Dr. Ashby says.

"Yes but that was because Oli was taunting him, you aren't doing anything to Oli's stay and Oli was just the same." I say.

He nods. "That is true, we aren't doing anything to Oli's stay..." Dr. Ashby says thoughtfully.

Austin and I sit in anticipation as Alan picks up the phone, dialing some numbers. "Hello, yes this is Alan. I'm calling about patient Kellin Quinn." He sits there for a minute, listening to whoever was on the other line. "Yes, I know that. Besides the events that happened this morning I would like to keep Kellin only till next week. Like how it should be."

"Don't you raise your tone at me. I know that Kellin has issues, he's dealing with them. The thing is that we aren't doing anything to Oli's stay, and he started this mess. So if you'd like to yell at me I advise you meet me outside at three during my break." He then sets down the phone. Austin opens his mouth, and then closes it.

"People seem to think they can walk all over me, but trust me if someone wants to fight I'll fight." Dr. Ashby says, winking at Austin. "Well now that that's all taken care of, you can get back to Kellin."

Austin and I stand, shaking Alan's hand. "Thank you so much." I say, Austin agreeing. "It's no problem really. Oh and Austin." Alan picks up a small rectangle of paper off his desk, handing it to Austin. "It's my card." He winks, Austin taking the card and pocketing it.

Austin smiles softly, exiting the room. "Remember Vic, Kellin is very fragile. But he has grown to like you a lot, so be careful."

'He likes me a lot.

"I'll be careful." I nod, thanking him one more time before exiting the room.

Austin and I walk back to the room in silence, both of us very happy. The lady at the main desk smiles at me, giving me a thumbs up. I smile too.

Austin knocks on the door before opening it, walking into the room. Kellin sat where he was when we left, no longer crying. He looked devastated and tired, eyes widening as we entered the room. "We talked to your therapist." Austin begins.

"And he decided it was the best if you only stayed till next week." I finish, Kellin standing up quickly. "R-Really?" He asks, eyes wide. "Yeah, you'll be getting out at the normal time and then we can move on to the next step of getting you your daughter back." Austin says, smiling.

Kellin rushes over, giving Austin a big hug. "Thank you so much." He cries. "It was actually all Vic, he was the one that went to the front desk and everything." Kellin turns to me, smiling widely before wrapping his arms around me tightly.

I smile, wrapping my arms around his waist. "Thank you guys so much I can't believe this." Kellin says, stepping away from me to look at Austin. "I'm just happy that they aren't extending your stay." Austin sighs, smiling happily.

"Well, I've gotta go talk to Eleanor." Austin says, clapping Kellin on the back before leaving the room. "I have to wait for someone to escort me back to my room but thank you again. I can't believe you actually changed his mind." Kellin says.

I smile. "Copeland is gonna be so happy about more visits with you." I say. Kellin smiles, nodding. "Yeah, I miss her a lot I can't wait for more visits."

Copeland isn't the only one excited to see you more.

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