Chapter Eleven

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Everything was going so, so well.

It truly was. The visits were always a blast, Copeland was happier and so was Kellin. His eyes weren't as dull like before. The bags under his eyes were slowly getting lighter, his eyes glowing every time a smile formed on his pink lips.

But the thing is, every good thing has to come to an end.

Copeland walks into the room, tears streaming down her face. She has a beautiful black dress on with white polka dots. "Ready?" I ask, looking down at her. She nods her head.

"Why're you crying honey?" After fixing my tie I squat down to her level. "I-I'm scared."

I smile sadly, bringing her into my arms. "It's alright, I'll be there. Don't worry about it."

"B-But I want my daddy!" She sobs, crying into my shirt. "I know, I do too. But we can't. We just gotta hope that today goes good." She continues to cry at this, letting go of me and running out of the room. I sigh sadly, pulling my shoes on.

Copeland sits on the couch, hands in her lap. "Its time to go." I sat quietly. She ignored my request to take her hand. A frown creeps its way onto my face when she swats my hands away from her seat straps. "Cope I'm trying to help."

"I don't want your help." She mumbles, crossing her arms as I shake my head and close the door. "What's up with the attitude?"

She ignores me and settles for looking out the window, a pout evident on her face. I just shake my head again, pulling out of the driveway.

"It'll go well Copeland, I promise okay?"

She continues to ignore me, wiping her hair out of her face. The car is silent as we whiz past different houses and parks, the area slowly getting a bit fancy.

Each house as we pass gets farther and farther apart until we're at the destination.


I sigh up at the familiar building, finding a spot to park in. Copeland unbuckles herself, opening the door and waiting for me. I reach for her and she starts to walk, ignoring my hand. "Copeland, you need to hold my hand."

She looks up at me with an annoyed look. She takes it nonetheless, allowing us to cross the street. A couple come out of the court, big smiles on their faces. Their friends pull out cameras, taking pictures of them as they smile happily. They must've gotten married.

Copeland watches them, the girl waving at her and giving me a smile as we enter the building. The security guards greet us, both of them taking a liking to Copeland. "Alright lil' lady, just step through." The guard on the other side of the metal detector says, beckoning. She looks up at me and I nod, giving her permission to walk over to the stranger.

"Keys, phone?" The shorter blonde guard asks with a country accent. I put my keys and phone into the plastic bin, walking through and taking them back out. His badge says T. Carter and I thank him, taking Copes hand again and walking away. As we leave the other guard, his badge said M. Bohn, scolds the other guard. Something along the lines of 'stop using that accent idiot'. 

The court room we were in today was on the second floor down the hallway. Copeland makes grabby hands for me, obviously not wanting to walk up up the stairs. I pick her up, propping her up on my hip as I trudge up the stairs.

"Daddy!" Copeland gasps, pushing herself out of my arms. Kellin was sitting with his legs crossed, wearing a black dress shirt and a blue tie. He looks up, face lightening up when he sees me and Copeland. "Vic! Copeland!" Kellin smiles, standing as Cope jumps into his arms.

I walk over to them, about to take a seat but Kellin pulls me into a quick hug, flashing me a smile.

We all take a seat, Copeland sitting between us. "Is this fancy enough? Will they kick me out?" Kellin worries, looking at the sign outside the court door. "You'll be fine, it looks very good." And I mean good. He lets out a short breath, nodding.

We sit there for a good ten minutes, waiting patiently. Then a person opens the door and I stand immediately. It's Austin.

"Y'all ready?"

I take a deep breath, nodding.

Austin leads us into the room, Kellin going up to one of the pedestals while me and Cope go the other. We stay standing as Judge Novak comes into the room.

This is my fourth time coming to the court, and every time he enters my stomach flips.

"You may take your seats." He says, giving Copeland a smile. "Why can't I sit with my daddy?" She asks, looking over at Kellin. "Because Copeland, just be quiet okay?"

She nods, crossing her legs, just like Kellin.

Austin stands to the side, file in his hand. Judge Novak welcomes us, going over procedure. Him and Austin exchange a few words, the lady sitting down from Judge Novak tapping away at her computer.

"So, Austin I looked over your input on Mr. Quinn's case. Do you swear under the law that this is the truth and only truth? That all opinions on this matter are not out of spite to Mr. Quinn or Mr. Fuentes?"

"I swear to the court that my case is the truth and only the truth. All my opinions are not out of spite of Mr. Quinn or Mr. Fuentes." Austin says loudly, going back over to his spot at the edge of the room. Judge Novak nods, scanning over the files. He lets out a sigh before looking at us.

"I've decided,"

And then the words I've didn't want to hear come from his mouth.

"Well, I've decided that the child, Copeland, needs to be put in a permanent placement home. Mr. Quinn doesn't have a job and hasn't paid rent for this month yet."

Kellin sits back in his chair, eyes looking dead. I go to say something but Judge Novak raises his hand, shaking his head. "The choice is final."

"Why's daddy crying?"

"Don't worry bout it... Everything's gonna be okay." I say quietly, standing as Judge Novak does. Kellin gets to his feet, a bit wobbly. "I'll see you guys in six months." He says, exiting the room. I was in a bit of a daze as I leave the room, Copeland on my hip.

"A-Are you okay?"

"W-What does permanent placement mean?"

"I'll be having Copeland for the next six months. You need to get a job in the next six months. Pay your rent bill every month. They're basically giving you extra time to clean up your act." I say, Kellin visibly relaxing. "O-Oh... I just thought I got my baby taken away from me." He laughs sadly, running his hand down her cheek.

She smiles, leaning foreword to kiss him. "You'll still have visits and all, don't worry."

"Well... Out of all the people in this town... I-I'm glad she's with you."

"Me too."


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