Bonus Chapter

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"Hey! Don't touch!" I say sternly, lightly smacking Jackson's hand away. He whines, backing away and going over to Kellin. "No mooching!" Kellin exclaims, also swatting Jackson's hand away.

Hope giggles from her spot at the counter as she watch us cook. "You whine more than me!" She giggles, Jackson shooting her a glare. "I'm being bullied." He whines, leaving the kitchen to drape himself over the couch.

"One pie down, two to go." Kellin sighs happily, sliding the pumpkin pie into the oven. We were blessed with two ovens, one on top of the other. "What time is Copeland coming?" I ask, the clock built into the oven telling me that it's almost two.

"She said she'll be here by four. Mike and Lysha will be here around the same time with their kids." Kellin says, dusting his hands off on his pants. I nod, sending him a small smile as he watches me cut up the remaining potatoes. "I love you." He says softly, sliding next to me so that his back is to the counter.

I smile and set the knife down, pulling him to me by the hips. "Ew!" Hope exclaims, covering her eyes as I press my lips to Kellin's. "Ugh, no stop!" We hear Jackson call out, Kellin breaking the kiss to laugh.

"At least we're not fighting." I say happily, pressing another kiss to his lips before letting him go. "Kids! Come into the kitchen if you want to help!" Kellin yells, followed by a stampede of children. I laugh as he gets bombarded, the kids jumping around everywhere. "Okay, Jason, Max, Mark, you three can help wash dishes. Korin, Lauren, and Hope you can help me with the pies and the rest of you help dad with the casserole and bread." Kellin says, directing the kids into their rightful places.

"Great, I get Jackson and Christine." I joke, Christine waddling into the kitchen with a play spoon in her hand. She waves it around herself and giggles happily, Jackson about to pick her up. She sees him and squeals, running away and wrapping her arms around Kellin's leg.

"Christine." Kellin laughs, picking up the baby and putting her in her highchair. "I can watch her." I tell him, Kellin shooting my a thankful smile and sliding her over to me. Christine plays with her spoon happily, biting down on it and growling.

"Okay Jackson, so the casserole is really easy." I say, putting the remaining chopped up potatoes into the boiling water on the stove. "You put the mushroom soup stuff in, drain the green beans and then put them in the dish and mix 'em all up. Then you put the onion stuff I top." I explain, moving myself to an open spot so I can knead the dough.

"Got all that?" I ask, Jackson nodding. "How much of the onion stuff do I put on?" He asks, picking up the can of onion crisps. "The whole thing." I say, earning a nod from Jackson.

"Is grandpa and grandma coming?" Lauren asks, Kellin helping her wash her hands. "Yup, both of your grandpa and grandmas are coming, and your great grandpa and great grandma, and your uncles and aunts."

I let out a small sigh at the thought of my grandpa. Last year Christmas didn't go as planned. Ever since I came out, which is now more than twenty-five years ago, I get shit from my grandpa. He makes snarky remarks about my sexuality and how he isn't okay with it. This thanksgiving I invited everyone over to me and Kellin's house since it's much bigger than everyone else's.

We have a very large dinner table and a smaller table for the younger kids. "Is Uncle Mike coming? He always has the coolest tattoos." Jason giggles, drying a bowl with a towel. "Yup, Uncle Mike is gonna be here the same time Copeland is."

In total, more than twenty people are gonna be packed into our house. "Lysha texted me saying she was gonna bring some salad and drinks." Kellin tells me, Christine throwing her spoon onto the stove. "Alright, that's fine." I hum, grabbing the spoon and setting it back on her tray.

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