Chapter Six

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It was about one in the afternoon when the phone begins to ring. I see that Austin is calling, probably to talk to me about Kellin being released.

"Hey Austin."

"Hey, can you drive down to the facility please?"

I look over at Copeland and she smiles at me.

"Is there a problem?"

"Yeah, Kellin got into a fight. Not anything big but they want to ask you some questions to see if they should extend his stay or if they should let him out at the appropriate time. Which would be next week."

"Oh, damn. Yeah, I'll be there soon."

I stand, Copeland following. "Let's go for a ride Cope." I say, putting shoes on. "Do we get to see my daddy?" She asks, looking up at me. "Maybe."

She smiles, putting her shoes on. She opens the door, heading out towards the car as I grab my keys. She had learned how to buckle herself, smiling proudly every time she buckled or unbuckled herself.

"You secure?" I ask, checking on how she buckled herself. "Perfect!"

She smiles, watching me as I close the car door.

We arrived at the facility in record time, Copeland squirming in her seat. She quickly unbuckles herself, making grabby hands at me. I smile, picking her up and heading towards the building.

"We're here for Kell-."

"Ah Vic, over here!" Eleanor greets, waving us over. I go to her, Copeland shyly tucking herself into my shoulder. "Austin is in that room right there." She points down the hallway. I nod, walking quickly towards the room. "Come in!" I hear as I knock on the door.

Kellin was sat in a seat next to Austin and a person I've never seen before. He looked ticked off, his hair and clothes all ruffled. "Vic, this is Oliver." Austin says, standing as I enter the room. I nod, shaking the guys hand.

"What's the problem?" I ask, holding Copeland on my hip. She was squirming a bit, smiling and waving at Kellin. The security guards told me not to let Kellin hold Copeland, so I try my best to restrain her.

"Oli made a snarky remark or something and Kellin threw a punch or two before they got split up." Austin says, looking over at Kellin. Kellin has his arms crossed, a pissed off look on his face.

"What did he say?" I ask, looking at Kellin. "I'm not saying it with her in the room." Kellin says motioning at Cope. I nod, looking over at one of the security guards.

"Take her to Eleanor." Austin says, motioning for the security guard to take Copeland. "I'll see you in five minutes, okay?" I say, passing her to the security guard. She nods her head,  looking a bit uncomfortable.

As she leaves I look back at Kellin and Oli. "So what happened?" I ask. "Kellin was saying stuff and I said some stuff back and he got pissed so he started hitting me." Oliver says, smiling smugly. "I'm about to wipe that smile off your face." Kellin growls, clenching his fists.

"Kellin, calm down." Austin warns.

"But it doesn't matter. His punches don't even hurt me."

Kellin blows out a short breath, glaring over at Oliver. "I have no respect for you if you talk to me like that." Kellin says.

"Nah, that's okay. I don't have any respect for you either. See I respect people that actually want and care for their children."

Before anyone could react, Kellin had launched himself at Oli, fists flying. "You fucking bitch! Don't you fucking dare talk about my kid like that!" Kellin screams, gripping a big wad of Oli's hair in his fist. Austin takes ahold of Oli as I grab Kellin around the waist.

"Kellin! Kellin let go of his hair!" I say, pinning his arm back. "Think of Copeland! You've gotta let go."

His grip loosens and soon enough I have Kellin on one side of the room and Austin has Oli on the other. "Just calm down, just calm down." I try, holding Kellins arms behind his back.

"No! I can't calm down because this fucking bitch is starting shit with me for no reason. You came at me talking about my baby girl out of no where! I barely even knew who you were before! All I knew was that you were some drug addict bitch who's girlfriend died or whatever."

"Don't you dare talk about Hannah like that." Oli spits.

"See! That's how I feel right now!"

"Shut up you pig. I don't care how you feel. I don't care that you got a girl pregnant and that she died and you didn't care enough to want to stay on this earth to raise your child. I don't care that you decided you wanted to opt out instead of stay and be a support in your kids life. Your poor kid is so young that she barely even understands what's happening. You disgust me you cunt."

Kellin wiggles in my grip harshly. "Let go of me! Let go of me!" He screams, scratching at my arms. I lift him off the ground, kick open the door and drag him out of the room. All the while Oli is spitting insulting things at him.

Everyone looks over at us, Kellin kicking his legs and flailing his arms. I drag him into an empty room, closing the door. I let go of him and press him against the wall. "Calm down Kellin!" I yell, hands pressed against his shoulders.

"No! Let go of me!" He starts smacking my arms and chest, trying his hardest to get away. I don't budge.

Soon he gives up, slumping against the wall. "He's such a bastard Vic! He knew that I hate talking about those topics!" He says angrily, tears welling in his eyes. My grip on him loosens and he slumps to the floor.

"I'm never gonna get Copeland back now, am I?" He asks, sounding defeated. "No, you'll get her back. They just need to understand that he was taunting you." I say.

He puts his hands to his face and starts crying. "Kellin, don't cry. It'll be okay." I say, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. He sobs harshly.

"I just want my baby back." He sobs, wrapping his arms around me. "You'll get her back okay? I promise."

He continues to cry into me, taking shaky breaths. I help him to his feet, taking his face in my hands. "You've gotta calm down okay?" I say, swiping tears away with my thumbs. "O-Okay."

He takes a deep breath, blinking away the remaining tears. "Okay I-I think I'm good." He says. I let my hands drop and nod, turning towards the door. He follows me out of the room and into the other room.

Oli smirks at the sight of Kellins tear-stained cheeks and puffy eyes. "Alright, now that we're all calmed down. Eleanor agrees with me and says that they should not extend your stay. Because it seems like you were being pushed to do what you did." Austin says, shooting a look at Oli.

Kellin nods. "But, the facility thinks otherwise."  Kellin tenses up but nods otherwise.

"They want to extend your stay by a month."


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