Chapter Fifteen

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I jolt awake, a loud noise awakening me from my sleep. It was coming from the front door, a constant tap tap tap. I roll out of bed, going to my closet that holds my metal baseball bat.

The tapping continues as I head towards the front door. Everything is dark, the clock on my bedside table had said 12:56 PM in blocky green text. It's not that late, but still weird for someone to be on my porch. "Shit!" I whisper, accidentally smashing my toe into the coffee table. "Ow, ow, ow, ow." I whine, grabbing ahold of my toe. I hop towards the door, one hand holding my foot and one holding the bat.

I peak past the curtains, a person standing, well more like slumped, against the door. I unlock the lock, slowly pulling it open. My bat is raised and ready, the person falling to the floor giggling.


He looks up, face red as he giggles. "You scared the shit out of me!" I exclaim, grabbing his arm and pulling him to his feet. He continues to giggle, slumping into my chest. "Are you drunk?"

"No, you're drunk."

He starts laughing again, poking my chest. I let out a sigh, closing the door and locking it with difficulty. "I heard you hit your toe." He snorts, patting my cheek. "C'mon, lay down." I sigh, forcing him down onto the couch. "How'd you even get here?" I ask him, swiping hair out of his eyes.

There's a small jingling sound as he pulls his keys out of his pocket, dangling them in front of my face. "I drove of course silly, I got my license when I was sixteen. An you're supposed to drive when you have your license." He explains, smiling proudly.

"Kellin! How did you not crash!" I exclaim, leaving his side and going over to the large window. His car is parked half on the grass and half on the driveway, the door still open. "Give me the keys." I say, holding my hand out. "Okay."

He places the keys in my hand, smiling. "Wait where are you going?" He asks suddenly, watching as I go to the door. "I'm gonna lock your car up."

"No, don't leave!"

"I'm not leaving Kells, I'm just going to lock your car."


"I promise, I'll be right back stay put."

He nods, smiling and laying back down. I've never been in his car but it looked pretty bland. There's a car seat in the back for Copeland, a couple CDs in the compartment in the middle of the two front seat. I lean in and go to turn the light off, smacking my head on the roof of the car.

"Man." I groan, rubbing the spot that smacked into the hard clothed metal. My eyes catch onto a small piece of paper that sticks out of the sun visor above the driver seat. I let my curiosity take over as I pull the sun visor down, the piece of paper falling into my hand.

It's a picture of a younger Kellin and a girl with long brown hair. They have large smiles on their faces, the girl has a hand on her slightly swollen stomach. I turn the picture over and it reads 'Kellin, Katelynne, and Copeland'. I smile softly at the picture, Kellin looked extremely happy and so does Katelynne.

I tuck the photo back into the visor, flipping it back into place. I manage to get out of the car without hitting my head on anything else, heading towards the front door. My eyes dart to the front window to see that Kellin was no longer on the couch. "Goddamnit." I mumble, jogging up the steps quickly and entering my house. "Kellin!?" I whisper-yell, going into the kitchen.

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