Chapter Twenty-Three

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"Can you guys keep your hands off eachother for five minutes? You're supposed to be watching the children!"

I pull away from Kellin, shooting a glare at my brother. Kellin's face goes pink and he leaves the kitchen with his cup of water. "Your horrible." I comment, filling my own glass with water.

It wasn't even like we were making out, he just so happened to walk in when I gave Kellin's lips a small peck.

Mike rolls his eyes, watching as I leave the kitchen to go to Jackson and Copeland. "If I catch you young people doing that sin under my roof one more time you're grounded, ya hear me?" He says with a country-like accent, putting his hands on his hips.

It's my turn to roll my eyes, Kellin laughing from the couch. Copeland holds Brutus in her lap, frowning and looking up. Mike exits the room, laughing at himself.

"Why does Vic get to keep him?" She asks sadly, snuggling up to the puppy. I smile softly. "Well I don't think your apartment allows animals."

"Why don't I stay here then?" She looks up at us, tears in her eyes.

"Because Cope, you don't live here anymore. Vic... He's... He's not your dad." Kellin says softly, sinking down to sit next to her. She bursts into tears, startling Brutus.

"But what if I want him to be!" She cries, pushing Brutus out of her lap and running towards what I believe is her old room.

Kellin looks up at me, looking defeated. "She's been acting like this ever since court." He says quietly, tears filling his eyes. "I-I don't know why... I-I..."

"Hey, don't cry okay?"

He ignores my words, slumping against the couch and covering his face. I go to him immediately, pulling him into me. His shoulders shake, small sobs leaving his lips. "Shh... Shh... She's just upset okay?" He sniffs, looking up at me.

"You don't understand." He says weakly. "She's all that I have... And she doesn't even want me."

My heart shatters, tightening my grip on him. I don't say anything, all I do is cradle him to my chest. He continues to cry, letting out heart wrenching sobs.

Copeland comes back into the room, tears streaming down her face. "This isn't fair!" She cries, stomping over to us. "Copeland-." I start.

She cuts me off.

"I don't want him to be my dad!"

The breath in my throat catches and I look at her in disbelief. Kellin's hand clutches my shirt, his crying stopping. He keeps his face pressed against my chest.

"Copeland you don't mean that."

Kellin pulls away from me, looking at me with dead eyes. "S-She..."

He stops himself, eyes filling with tears.

Copeland looks shocked as Kellin's face contorts into a look of pain. He doesn't scream, he doesn't cry loudly. His hands white knuckle and his hair falls into his eyes, his body slumping against the couch, defeated.

"Is everything alright...?" Mike asks, slowly opening the door. "Take Copeland and Jackson please." I say softly, keeping my eyes on Kellin.

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