Chapter Fourteen

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Kellin had just left with Copeland so I was a bit confused why there was a knock at the door. I frown, hesitantly opening the door.

"Let me in."

My eyes widen at my brother standing in front of me, two suitcases in hand. "Mike... What are you doing here?" He ignores my question, cursing under his breath as he pushes past me.

"Melissa cheated on me. You hear that? She cheated on me and kicked me out. She's the one that fucking cheated! And she fucking kicked me out!" He yells, stomping towards the guest room, which happens to be Copeland's.

"You can't stay in there Mike, I have a placement and she uses that room." I say quickly, grabbing his arm and pulling him out of Copeland's room. He continues to grumble to himself, frowning. "I can stay in the basement, you got an extra mattress?"

I nod, grabbing the key off of the hook by the front door. "I haven't been down here in forever so it's gonna be cold and messy and filled with bugs."

"I don't care, I just need somewhere to stay." He says, sounding a bit defeated. "Kellin and Copeland are coming tomorrow so don't like... Overwhelm them." I say, Mike looking confused as he sets his bags by the wall. "Copeland's my placement, Kellin's the parent."

He nods, pulling the mattress away from its place on the wall and sliding it across the floor. "Did he like, beat her or somethin'?" He asks bluntly, grabbing some spare blankets. "No! No... He didn't beat her... He uh..." I trail off, watching as Mike sets up his bed.

"He what?"

"Well he... He tried to like..."

"Did he try to murder someone?"

I roll my eyes. "He tried to kill himself Mike." I say quickly, leaning against the wall.

"Oh... Well technically he did try to murder someone..."

My eyes widen as I lean over and smack him over the head, rolling my eyes again. He lets out a small laugh, falling onto the bed away from my hand. "I'm the funniest brother ever."

"You're my only brother."

"My point exactly."

I cross my arms across my chest, heading towards the door leading upstairs. "I'm gonna make dinner, you can unpack and make yourself at home."

"Okay, you go do that. I'm gonna stay down here and bombard my ex-girlfriend with phone calls because I want my house back."


"Vic! Someone's at the door!" Mike drawls, sprawled out on the couch. I roll my eyes at my sloth of a brother, throwing an apple at him as I rush to open the door. The apple hits him right on the head as I open the door.

Mike, being the drama queen he is, starts screaming. "Victor Vincent Fuentes! How dare you do that to me!" He screeches, throwing the apple back at me. It falls a good two feet away from him.

Kellin watches the apple roll across the floor curiously, looking back up to meet my eyes. Copeland smiles, letting go of Kellin's hand to pick up the apple. "Here ya go mister." She says kindly, going over to Mike.

She holds her hand out, Mike smiling warmly as he takes the apple. "You missed, you should aim better."


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