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*Hermione’s POV*

When lessons had finished, I made my way down to the great hall. I was looking forward to dinner, so that I could go to the Library afterwards. I might even go to see Blaise. How nice he was now, he was so kind. He seemed to be genuine, I think I...

“HERMIONE!” Oh god, have I been ignoring Ginny?

“Yes?” I asked innocently

“I said, where did you go after potions.”

“Oh, well I went to hang out with Blaise. We went and sat at the Black lake. It was beautiful!”

“WHAT?!” Ron shouted. I looked confused

“What?” I asked

“You hung out with a Slytherin?!” I rolled my eyes

“Yes, I did. He isn’t mean, he was never mean to me before anyway, and he asked if we could be friends, so I said yes. What is the problem?”


“I know Ron. But he isn’t like all the others, he is nice! If you can’t understand that, then that’s your problem.” I said, and I stormed out of the Great Hall. He followed me.

“Hermione. Hermione!” He called.

“Yes?” He grabbed my arm, holding it tight

“You will not see that boy, do you understand.”

“Ron you’re hurting me! Get off me!” I shouted, tears falling down my face

“Do you understand?!” He growled, I was getting really scared. When did he get so controlling

“No, Ron. I don’t understand. I can do what I like, without you controlling me!” It was the truth but he just got angrier. He lifted his hand,  and slapped me! I collapsed on the floor, holding my cheek.

“You will do as I say!” He growled again. I was so scared.

“O-ok.” I whimpered, sat there.

I didn’t move for a while. I just sat there and cried. Eventually, I had no more tears to cry, so I went to my dorm.

“Slythendore” I said, barely a whisper, and the portrait opened.

When I walked in, Malfoy was sat on the sofa. I walked past the sofa, and was about to go up the stairs to my room, when Malfoy said:

“Where have you been?”

“None of your business.” I remarked, I didn’t want anyone to know, especially Malfoy

“Well, let’s start with this then. You have tear stained cheeks; red, puffy eyes; a purple cheeks and make-up down your face. So what’s wrong?” By this he was standing in front of me

I knew I had to tell him, he wouldn’t let me go unless I did, so I poured my heart out to him.

“Well, I was at dinner, telling Ginny about what I did when I left potions, and Ron went off on one when I mentioned that I went to the black lake and hung out with Blaise.” He stiffened at the mention of Blaise “I argued with him, but decided to walk off instead. He followed me and then grabbed my arm really tight, hurting it, and then started shouting at me, telling me to stay away from Blaise. I told him no, and he hit me. He hit me!” I was sobbing by this point.

Malfoy looked furious, like he was about to go kill Ron. It was sort of sweet.

*Draco’s POV*

She told me everything that happened, and I was furious. How dare he hit a woman! When she stopped, I looked at her and said “You need to tell someone”

She looked at me as if I had just gone mad. She said that if she told anyone, he would just be worse. I had to admit, even I wouldn’t hit her, and she’s a Mudblood.... No Malfoy! You don’t care about that now.

“Ok, I understand. You must be terrified of him. How about we have a game of Wizards chess?” I asked

“Ok, sure.” She replied. I was glad

We played a few games, when she said that she wanted to go read. I told her it was fine, and sat in front of the fire. I will get revenge on that Weasel. He will pay for hitting a woman, and even worse, making Hermione cry!

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