Entangled by yabookprincess
Entangledby Arden Hall
Two Heads. One school. No regrets. November always hated the people at her boarding school. Including her crush, Christian Dumont. He knew how to push her buttons and di...
  • enemies
  • romantic
  • bully
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Draco and Hermione ✘ Falling for you  by Lilaccitys
Draco and Hermione ✘ Falling for y...by Lilaccitys
"If she went, that was it. Everyone would know." Draco Malfoy has always been the most quick-witted, sharp-tongued student at Hogwarts, until he meets his matc...
  • fanfiction
  • draco
  • hermione
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"Don't You Dare!" ~ A Dramione Story  by LaneysStories
"Don't You Dare!" ~ A Dramione Sto...by LaLa💚
"Don't you dare walk away from me right now Malfoy!" "I am not walking away I am simply going to my room for the night. Goodnight Granger." "N...
  • ginnyweasley
  • hermionegranger
  • dramione
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Love me~Dramione  by weasleyqueen-
Love me~Dramione by Ginny Weasley
Growing up, Draco Malfoy had everything a boy could ever want. Except love. As his parents were both sent to Azkaban after the war, he had nobody in his life. The only t...
  • hinny
  • ron
  • hermione
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Perfect: A Hinny Fanfiction by wrenegade3617
Perfect: A Hinny Fanfictionby hey it's kate♡
The Second Wizarding War is over, and Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley find themselves as Head Boy and Head Girl. Harry has a huge crush on Ginny, but is he as ready for a...
  • ginnyweasley
  • harrypotter
  • hinny
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Seeking Salvation (Dramione) by PurpleVelvet
Seeking Salvation (Dramione)by Monique Alexander
One year after the Great battle, Hermione Granger has made the decision to return to Hogwarts and further her education as a special advanced student instead of accepti...
  • hermionegranger
  • malfoy
  • trust
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Etymology of Love || Percy Weasley by Rav3nclaw21
Etymology of Love || Percy Weasleyby Rav3nclaw21
Not even the strongest of mind can resist their deepest longings if they were to be standing before them, manipulating them to take a step forward and get a taste of t...
  • penelopeclearwater
  • weasley
  • percyweasley
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MR VS MRS by gadisnovel_
MR VS MRSby LovelyMe
Bila hati dah sayang,jangan kata luka. Calar sikit pun aku dah derita. Dan kata orang jangan bersengketa. Nanti parah,bila benci jadi cinta.
  • headboy
  • cinta
  • romance
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Run by realalwaysandforever
Runby HP fanfic writer
Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are appointed as head boy and girl in their final year. They go from sharing a common room to sharing a forbidden love, but when Draco...
  • dramionechild
  • cormacmcclaggen
  • dracomalfoy
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The Boy's A Riddle (Tom Riddle)  by KathleenMarieAisling
The Boy's A Riddle (Tom Riddle) by Kathleen McDonagh
  • riddle
  • heartbreak
  • betrayal
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❝ just what do you want from me, miss granger? ❞ SECRETS INSIDE THE PREFECTS BATHROOM¹ | sshg. [severus snape x hermione granger] 2017 - 2018 cover credit @dreamersgraph...
  • regrets
  • sexualinteraction
  • hiding
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Euphoria (dramione) ✅ by nerd_potato4ever
Euphoria (dramione) ✅by Mayhem
He left her in the worst way. She was heartbroken. But in the end,she would move on anyway and find someone new. How? *** He had feelings for her ever since he could rem...
  • hermionegranger
  • dramione
  • dramionefanfiction
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Lily Evans by EllieEmmerling
Lily Evansby Ellie
This is the story of Lily Evans and how she met Severus. And this story will go to the first and 7th year at Hogwarts
  • slytherin
  • gryffyndor
  • harrypotter
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Where Green Meets Red //Dramione// by elfhunter05
Where Green Meets Red //Dramione//by Elf Hunter
Draco and Hermione have always had conflict. What happens when they fall in love?
  • headboy
  • fanfiction
  • lavenderbrown
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A Change of Heart(Dramione) by LegolasForLife
A Change of Heart(Dramione)by LegolasForLife
Beep. Beep. Beep. I jump up and squeal with excitement. Today isn't just any day, it's a special day. Today I go back to Hogwarts to finish my seventh year. I didn't get...
  • love
  • headboy
  • ronweasley
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Mauraders Memories: Jily❤Xx by KatyDo0505
Mauraders Memories: Jily❤Xxby Caitlin Xx
Just a story about the mauraders during their time at Hogwarts. I'll try and update every weekend, but I might just post any time in week, depends how I feel. I'm sorry...
  • potter
  • harrypotter
  • memories
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Meant To Be by CookieTommo23
Meant To Beby Elara Black
He was her water, she was his fire. And both needed each other with a burning desire. He was her soul, she was his heart. And nothing in this world could ever keep them...
  • jamespotter
  • headboy
  • sixthyear
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Head Girl Meets The Alpha by TaylorRambo
Head Girl Meets The Alphaby Taylor
Jenny Milan is the head girl at Southgate High School, pretty much your average overachiever with a bunch of friends. Jacob Dean is the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, st...
  • southgatehigh
  • highschool
  • pack
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Dramione {Hidden Love} by _Dramione_101
Dramione {Hidden Love}by ❤LoSt GiRl ❤
This is not a typical cliché. Things unexpected would happen. ~*~ What if Hermione's boyfriend was named head boy and Hermione hates it. Then her boyfriend cheats on h...
  • headboy
  • hiddenlove
  • ronweasley
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Jily Oneshots by MiaEvergreen
Jily Oneshotsby Mia Evergreen
A range of one shots about my OTP: JILY! Some will be sweet, others sirius, others will make you have a case of the feels. Please check it out! DISCLAIMER: I STILL OWN...
  • oneshots
  • padfoot
  • maraduers
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