*This scene contains mild swearing*


Hermione's POV

Finally! I was finally going back to Hogwarts. Looking around the train station, I got a glance of red hair.

'Ron? Ron!' I shouted, getting his attention.

'Hermione!' he replied.

I ran up to him, jumping into his arms, him spinning me around.

We have been dating during the summer, after that kiss, I felt closer to him then I ever have.

'I missed you,' I whispered into his ear.

'I missed you too.' He whispered back.

We walked hand in hand to Harry, who was talking to Ginny. They have been dating aswell, they seemed really in love.

'Hey Gin'

'Hey Mione'

'Guess what?'


'I GOT HEAD GIRL' I squealed.

Ginny's face didn't change. She just rolled her eyes and said 'That was obvious' After that we just spoke about what we did for the summer.

Once we had finished, the Hogwarts Express arrived.


Draco's POV

I arrived at the station. I was kinda looking forward to going back to Hogwarts. The only thing I wasn't looking forward to was the stares, and glares I would get. As I was walking down the platform, looking for Blaise, I saw a beautiful girl. Who was she? Before I could go to get a closer look, Blaise shouted behind me:

"Oi, Draco! Stop staring at that girl! I grimaced at this, why did he have to shout it so loud? She turned around, hair covering her face, looking straight at me.

"Shut up Blaise!" I said in a shouted whisper. "What do you want?"

"Maybe for you to talk to me nicely, and find an empty compartment."

"Whatever Blaise. Lets go." I grabbed him and led him to a compartment.

"How was your holday?" He asked. Stupid small chat.

"It was ok, I guess. I'll have to leave at some point, I got Head Boy, and I have to go for a meeting with Mcgonagall and the Head Girl."

"You got Head Boy? When was you going to tell me this?"

"Errr, right now?" I retorted, I really wasn't in the mood.

"Haha." Blaise said, Glaring at me. Just then, my worst nightmare came into the compartment.

"Drakie!" Oh how much she annoys me. She decided to sit on my lap.

"Get off me you annoying pug faced Bitch!" I said as I pushed her off my lap. I don't think she liked that.

"Whatever, you'll realise what you're missing sooner or later." she replied with a seductive face. God how I hate her!

Just as that happened, the compartment door opened, and Professor Mcgonagall came in, asking for me to follow her. When we got there, she told me to go inside and wait for her to come back. I walked in and saw the beeautiful girl from the station.

"Err, Hello?" I asked. She looked up and it was none other than Hermione Granger, the person I had been horrible to for 7 years of my life. I knew what I had to do.

"Granger. Can I talk to you?"

"I guess." She looked disgusted.

~"Err, I just wanted to say sorrry." I whispered the last part, which is obvious as she asked:

"What did you say at that last part?"

"I'm sorry." I mumbled it loud enough so that she could hear.

She stared at me in shock. I don't know why, I can be a nice guy, can't I? When she did finally regain her speech she said:

"Your welcome Malfoy."

"Thank you Granger, well done on getting Head Girl."

"Thank you, you too."

She went back to her book, and I sat down. I didn't have anything with me, so I just sat and stared at Granger. She is really beautiful. After a while, she noticed.

"Malfoy, why are you staring at me?

"Err, I-i'm not" I said while sitting down.

Mcgonagall came in, told us about our duties and that we had to stay in the Heads compartment until the end of the journey.

"I'm just going to get my trunk." I said. At that I left. I walked to the compartment I was in and found Blaise and Pansy in a tight embrace.

"Ehem!" With that, they turned around, looking at me, blush creeping into their cheeks.

"I just came to get my trunk." I said, striding over to get it. Mentally laughing at what I had just seen.

"Ok, mate. Where are you going?" Blaise asked

"I have to stay in the head's compartment until the end of the journey.

"Oh, ok. Who is Head Girl?"

"Who do you think?"

"Granger." He said matter-o-factly

"Yep." I said, popping the 'P' "Well, I have to go, see you guys later."

"Okay, bye mate"

With that I left.

*Hermione's POV*

Malfoy left to get his trunk. Why did he apologise? I mean, yeah he seems to have changed, but he hates me! And then he was staring at me! I am really confused. It seems that I was sat thinking about this for a while as Malfoy came back in with his trunk.

"Hello, you need to get in your robes, I'll step outside for you." I walked past him, and slid out of the compartment. I waited for a bit until he opened the door, saying I could go back in. Then the train slowly came to a stop.

"Ok, we need to go lead the first years to the boats."

We left the train, directing the first years towards the boat. Once they had all got to them, we went to a carriage up to the castle. Finally, I was home at last!

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