You're genuine

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*Hermione’s POV*

I woke up the next morning, finally feeling satisfied with myself. Everything had been sorted out. Blaise was going to be expelled, Draco and I were together and Ron was back to normal. Apparently it was a hate potion that was making him go like he was.

I had been thinking all night about how I felt. After all that had happened, I actually think I might love Draco, and it scared me. After what happened with Blaise, I didn’t feel safe around people anymore, especially boys, but Draco seemed genuine. Let’s hope I am right.

I got out of my bed, looking around for the clothes I laid out the day before spotting them on the chair. I got up and started to put them on. I quite liked them. I had a mid length black dress, a chiffon material, and then a pair of cream flats.

Moving on to my hair I decided to keep it down and use a potion on it to make it go straight, I really couldn’t be bothered to deal with the bushiness. Once it was straight and smooth I chose to just leave it down as I was quite happy with how it looked.

For my makeup I decided to go natural. Firstly putting foundation, concealer and powder on; I then looked through the makeup that I recently acquired and chose a natural eye shadow and then brown eyeliner to go on my waterline. I then put my mascara on and looked through my bag for a lipstick. As I had a natural look I decided to go for a strong lip to make it stand out.

Once I was happy with how I looked I gathered up all of my books, put them into my bag and then walked out of my room. Since everything had happened I had barely studied for any of my subjects at all. For anyone else it would seem strange for all of this to happen in the first 3 weeks back at school but when you are friends with Harry Potter it is like another normal year at Hogwarts.

When I got out of my room Draco wasn’t awake yet so I walked straight to the library, planning to spend the whole day in there until I felt like I had caught up with everything. I walked into the library, sat in my usual place and then started to scan through my textbooks, page by page.

I was reading through my Potions book when I saw a shadow above me. I couldn’t tell what or who it was so I lowered my book to find no-one was there. I carried on reading but a few seconds into reading I felt a weight on my shoulders, causing me to jump fifty feet in the air!

“Draco!” I whispered as I turned around, putting as much anger into my voice as I could. “What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Well, I have a quidditch match in an hour and I wanted you to come and watch...” he said, looking at me with soft eyes.

I couldn’t resist so I sighed and closed my book before turning back to him, seeing him smirk.

“Fine.” I said, looking in his eyes, as he looked into mine. He leaned down to me, closing his eyes and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I sighed out of happiness, before getting up and walking towards the door.

“So, you ready?” I asked, waiting for him to follow me.

“Yeah, let’s go!” he said. “I have to go get changed, but I’ll see you in the stands.” I nodded and started to walk towards the quidditch field, wanting to get there in time while also wanting to speak to Harry and Ginny.

As soon as I got to the field I saw Harry getting ready, as it was Slytherin vs Gryffindor. I quickly ran over before giving him a hug.

“I just wanted to say good luck” I whispered into his ear. He chuckled slightly.

“So, who are you supporting? Slytherin or Gryffindor?” He asked, knowing it would make me feel uncomfortable. I started squirming a bit, trying to decide what to say.

“Um, both?” I said, questioning myself slightly. He just nodded.

“Well, I have to go give my team a pep talk.” He said and walked away, leaving me to go find a seat.

I got a seat right at the front of the stands, not near many people, and waited for the match to start. As soon as it started the stands were full and everyone was cheering. I tried to follow it as much as I could, routing for both teams. It was close, in the end.

At the end, Harry ended up catching the snitch, which obviously made Draco get a bit upset.

Waiting for Draco to finish getting changed I went to congratulate Harry while speaking to Ginny in the process. Draco didn’t take long and we took a short walk to the great hall entrance before dinner started.

“Draco, you okay?” I asked as he had been quiet the whole walk.

“Yeah... I’m fine. Just can’t believe I lost to Potter.” He said light heartedly. I chucled.

“Well, how about this...” I said before I leaned up and gave him a kiss on his lips and wrapping my arms around his neck. He quickly responded and the kiss was full of passion. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted, but it felt heavenly. I pulled back for air.

“Better?” I asked, smirking slightly.

“Better.” He said, nodding. I reached up and gave him another kiss.

 “Hermione?!” A voice said behind me... 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I really hope you liked this, I wrote it in the space of an hour because I had a flood of ideas. It might be horrible but I liked the idea. Please comment/vote/share if you liked this, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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