Side Effects

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"Hermione?!" A voice said behind me...

I turned round to come face to face with no other than Ron Weasley. His face portrayed a look of pain but I couldn't think why.

"Ron? What's the matter?" I asked, feeling a little concerned for my friend.

"Y-you're kissing Malfoy?!" He shouted, his features showing how upset he was. "What about us?" He asked

Draco and I were both very confused, not knowing what to do. Ron thought we were still together? Ron didn't know Draco and I were together?

"Ron, come with me..." I said, making my way to the hospital wing.  Ron followed me as I asked and Draco joined me at my side. As soon as we got there I shouted out for Madam Pomfrey, wanting to know what was going on.

"what is it dear?" She asked, wondering why she had been called.

"it's Ron, I think the potion made him forget everything that happened during the time he was taking it"

Madam Pomfrey pursed her lips slightly, checking over Ron while I sat with Draco, trying to contemplate what had gone wrong.

I stood up, starting to pace around the room with all the thoughts in my head. Potions don't normally do that. The hate potion doesn't normally  have side effects. What did Blaise do?!

I let out a small scream of frustration when I couldn't come up with an explanation to what had happened. I looked up to see Draco with a funny look on his face so I walked up to sit next to him.

"Hermione..." He said, trailing off at the end. "Do you still love Ron?" He asked in a small voice, it cracking at the end of his sentence. I thought about it for a moment. Did I still love him? I mean, I broke up with him, but he was under the potion so he didn't  know what was going on. I know somewhere on me I will never be able to get over what he did to me, but I know I will always have a place inmy heart for him. There will always be a part of me that loves him, but as a friend.

I shook my head.

"No, I don't still love him. I will always have a place on my heart for him, but I don't love him. He will always just be my best friend." I said before looking into Dracos eyes.

I leaned forward, indicating to Draco what was going on before pressing my lips to his. It was a slow, soft kiss but the amount of feelings he managed to get into it made me feel an electric shock all the way through my body. The kiss was perfect. He was perfect.

Once we had finished the kiss, Madam Pomfrey came back through with Ron, and started to tell us what had happened.

"Ron has suffered miner amnesia from the hate potion as Mr Zabini had been mixing it with Pumpkin juice. This sets off a reaction that causes amnesia. I am sorry to say but Mr Weasley will not be able to remember what has happened through the course of him taking it"

I nodded, realising that we would all have to explain to him what had happened and it would be heartbreaking. Ron didn't cry much, but I had a feeling that he would at this.

We all left the Hospital wing, Draco going his separate ways as Ron and I walked to gryffindor tower to explain to Ginny and Harry what had happened.

When we got there Ginny and Harry were sat on the sofa in front of the fire and I coughed loudly to get them to notice me. They turned around and saw me with Ron and instantly came up to us.

"Okay, so Ron has miner amnesia due to the hate potion and he can't remember anything that happened during the course of taking it" I said as quickly as I could. I couldn't bare to go through it again.

Ginny looked as if she wanted to cry when she gave Ron a hug. She gave. Ron. A. Hug! She never hugs Ron! That was a shock.

"The worst thing is... He saw me and Malfoy kissing" I whispered but they still heard me.

"We have to explain everything that happened!" Ginny practically shouted and I nodded on agreement. "How about tomorrow?" She said, noticing that now probably wasn't the best time to explain everything. We all agreed that that would be the best idea and went to bed.

I made my way to the Heads dorm and saw that Deaco was asleep on the couch so I placed the blanket over the top of him, watching him sleep peacefully.

I walked into the bathroom and took my makeup off, washing my face, before going to get changed into my pyjamas. I love these pyjamas, they were the ones my mum gave be a week before I wiped their memories so they were very special to me. At least I have them back now.

I put my hair in a messy bun and then climbed into bed, looking like this, and drifting off to sleep.

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