Living Together

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*Hermione's POV*

Once we arrived at the castle, we both walked in separate directions. Why did he apologize to me? Was he going to trick me? I don't know whether to trust him. I mean, he seemed like he meant it, but what can you expect from a Death Eater?

"Hermione?" A familiar voice said. I turned round and saw a glint of red hair. It was Ginny.

"Yeah?" I asked, she was just looking at me

"Are you OK? Why are you staring at Malfoy?" I hadn't even realized.

"Errr... I'm fine, I was just thinking about what happened on the train."

"What happened?"

"Well, erm, Malfoy apologized. For everything he has done since 1st year. Do you think I should believe him?" Ginny looked at me gobsmacked, but before she could reply, Ron and Harry showed up.

"Hey Ron!" I said, putting on my best smile.

"Hey Hermione." Before the conversation could go any further Professor Mcgonagall stood up and started reading the announcements. I zoned out at some point but came back to my senses when Professor Mcgonagall said:

"And this years head girl is.... Hermione Granger!" The great hall erupted into applause, apart from the Slytherin's.

"Ok, quiet down. This years Head Boy is..... Draco Malfoy!" The Slytherin's all burst in applause, well the Gryffindor's, Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaws started booing.

"Enough!" Headmistress Mcgonagall said. "I would like to see you two after the feast." With that everyone filed out of the great hall. Then Malfoy came up to me to walk to Mcgonagall's office. We knocked on the door, and got invited in.

"Miss Granger, Mr Malfoy, take a seat." We took a seat and she said:

"These are your timetables, and Duty Rota. I would like you to hold a meeting tomorrow night, explaining to everyone when they will be patrolling and whatthey will have to do. I would also like you to organise a ball on the 22nd of September to commemerate the war last year. I will talk about that in more detail next week.

"Is that all?" Malfoy asked

"No, Mr Malfoy, there is one more thing. I know that you two will be mature about it, You two will be sharing a common room..."

"What?!" We both said at the same time.

"I said you will be sharing a common room." Me and malfoy both opened our mouth to say something but she interupted us " There wll be no discussions! Now follow me to your common room."

On the way out I heard Malfoy mutter about how he didn't want to share a common room with The filthy know-it-all. We walked up one staircase, two staircases, three, four, five, six, and seven starcases to where the room of requrement used to be.

"I thought the room of requirement got destroyed in the battle?" I said to Mcgonagall

"Yes, it did, but we fixed it." Then Mcgonagall walked past the wall 3 times and a portrait of Professor Snape appeard.

""Hello Professor Snape" I said while smiling

"Hello miss granger. Congratulations on making Head Girl and ... Malfoy? You're Head boy?

"Thanx" Malfoy retorted.

"Well, your password is Slythendore, I'll let you get settled in." And with that Professor Mcgonagall walked away.

"Goodbye Professor Snape. Slythendore." I said. He opened the hole while saying goodbye back. I walked in along with Malfoy. It was breathtaking. It used the colours of Gryffindor and Slytherin but it was beautiful! The couches we a red with a golden lining, whil the armchairs were green with a silver lining. The walls were Red wth a slver Border.

I looked forward and saw three doors. I walked to one on the left. It was green and silver so I said to Malfoy:

"This is your room Maloy." He grunted and I walked to the right door. I opened it and stared in amazement. It had a four poster bed that had red hangings. Next the window was a bookcase full of books, and a door. I walked to the door and opened it. When I opened it, Malfoy was across the room, at another door. Realisation hit me. I had to share a bathroom with Malfoy!

"Oh My God! I have to share a bathroom with you!" I shouted.

"Don't worry Granger. Atleast if you walk in on me, you'll see something good, whereas if I walk in on you, I'll be scarred for life!" He retorted. Was he being serious or joking?

"whatever Malfoy!" and I walked back out. I grabbed a book and layed on my bed, feeling un-conciousness taking me.........

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