*Draco's POV*

Once we had been given our partners, we got to work. I had to work with the weasel. The WEASEL of all people.

We were working on the potion, and we should be green, but ours was a murky brown. We had gone terribly wrong. I looked over at Blaise and Granger. They were getting along, and had almost finished their potion!

I looked directly at Granger. God she was beautiful. Wait, What? Why am I saying this? I'm a Malfoy! At this, I looked back at my potion. I tried to sort it out, but Weasel just made it worse.

When I glanced back at Blaise, I saw that they were finished and were about to leave. They were laughing at something, and Granger seemed to be happy. I felt a pain in my gut seeing Granger with Blaise. What was this? Was I, Draco Lucius Malfoy jealous?!

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