Hermione's Falling

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          This is my first fanfic on Wattpad, so i hope you like it. If you do then Vote, Comment and share. all the charachters belong to J.K Rowling and i do not own anything* (Some facts may be a bit different then they are in the books)  


Hermione's POV


I was walking through the grounds of Hogwarts when I saw Harry and Malfoy. Something was happening and I had to sort it out. I walked towards them and saw that they were having an argument.

'Hey! Stop it!' I yelled. Stupid of me really, thats when he turned on me. 'What do you want Granger?' Malfoy retorted 'Well, I don't really like it when you are arguing with my friend! What is it about anyway?' I asked 'If you must know Granger, it's about that ugly Hippogriff, Buckbeack.' He smirked. I could feel myself getting more angry, I just wanted to wipe that smug look off his face.

'What about it?' I demanded. I could see that Malfoy was contemplating on whether to tell me or not. 

'I was just saying that it would be great if t's head was hanging in the Slytherin common room.' 

That was when i lost it. He smirked and i just pushed him to a tree and punched him in the nose. I must say though, his attitude that day, that was when i started to get feelings for Malfoy! God, help me.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well, that was my first chapter so comment what you thought. I will try to get the next chapter done as soon as possible. Thanx :)

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