Chapter 17

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I continued crying in the car. " Can you shut the brat up?! I'm getting tired of her crying! " my 'dad' said " What do you want me to do?! We have custody of her again so deal with her crying because we just told her away from her so call 'family' " my 'mom' said. God, I forgot how much they argue all the time. I stopped crying but I don't even think they will notice or even care.

I want my daddy want...I want my family back...

Luke's POV
I got up from the floor. I started cussing. I'm pretty sure I cussed everyone out. I started crying again.
" Mate, you need to calm down. This isn't doing you any good " Calum said
" I just want my baby girl back " I said in-between sobs. Calum hugged me.
" I know. We all wanted her back. " Calum said. When I looked up and noticed everyone and I mean everyone was crying. Perrie, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne were sitting and crying their eyes out. Louis was crying and Liam was comforting him. Harry was looking on his phone which I'm sure are pictures of Jessica that he has and he started crying. Michael and Ashton were also crying. Eventually Michael got up and went to punched the wall leaving a big hole in the wall. " We will try to get her back Luke, don't worry " Louis said " Thank you " I said.

Jessica's POV
We pulled up to a house... the same house I grew up in. Bad memories started flowing to my mind. I knew I had to do something! I'll start thinking of a plan to leave. " Get out! " was all I needed to hear before my heart started racing fast. I got out the car find walked into the house. I sighed and tensed up. I hate it here. Always have and always will...

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