Chapter 16

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Court Day...

Luke's POV
I got Jessica dressed this morning. We have to be in the court room by 8 o'clock and it's already 7:45. The others were already in the limo and wait for Jessica and I. I grabbed Jessica and walked out the hotel room and outside to the limo. The driver started driving. Jessica had fallen asleep on my lap. I looked down and smiled at her. Then the car stopped... I looked out the window and saw we were here. I grabbed Jessica and got out the car. Paparazzi's were here taking pictures and asking questions here and there. Jessica was now fully awake. Stupid paparazzi's I thought to myself.

We all got in the court room. I saw Jessica's parents and I couldn't help but give them a death glare. " N-no... n-not t-them " I hear Jessica say and she started crying.

Jessica's POV
I saw them and I immediately started crying. Why are they here ? What do they want from me ? " Baby look at me. Baby please... you need to calm down " daddy said. I hold onto daddy tightly.
Daddy put me on a chair ( the witness stand ) and when I looked up I saw everyone in a big room.

This guy was asking me a bunch of questions that I had to answer and all the questions were about them but some questions were about daddy, uncles, and aunties which I gladly answered those.

( right, so I'm skipping the part of the court scene because I don't really know how it works )

Luke's POV
" Court session is over. Jessica will live with her biological parents. Court dismissed. " the judge said. My heart shattered. I lost my baby girl. I fell to my knees. " NO!!! " Jessica yelled and ran to me. I wrapped my arms around her and held onto her tight. She was already crying and so was I. I felt someone grab Jessica and pulled her out of my grip.

Jessica's POV
I ran to daddy when the guy said I'll be with them. I saw daddy crying. Someone grabbed me and pulled me away from daddy's arms. I screamed at the top of my lungs and started kicking whoever was holding me.

I was soon put in a car.

My world is crumbling...

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