Chapter 1

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Luke's POV
" Guys lets go! We are gonna be late! " I yelled " We're coming! Calm you nerves! " Calum yelled back. Today we are going to a home for boys and girls, we have a meeting. I want to adopt a child because it feels like I'm missing something in my life. " We're here. We can go now. " Ashton said. We got into the car and I drove us to the place. " Hello, we are here for a meeting. " I said to the lady at the desk " Oh follow me. " she said. We got to a room where kids were sitting and smiling when we entered the room. I heard a couple of gasps. We meet with a couple of kids but I wanted someone younger. " Excuse me but can we have the kids younger than 10 stay ? " I asked " Of course. Children under 10 can stay and the rest may leave. " she said. There were about 6 kids left.
" Hello. What's your name ? " Ashton asked a little girl " I Jessica. " she said " That's a cute name. I'm Ashton. " Ashton said and she giggled. " I nuw. You frum 5 seconds ov summer. " she said " How do you know who I am ? " Ashton asked " My caretaker listen tu you guys. " she said looking at the lady standing at the door. " How old are you ? " Ashton asked. I think someone's grown to like this little girl. To be honest I've grown to like her too. I could tell we would get along well. I've make my decision. " Ashton, it's time to go. " I said " Oh ok. " Ashton said. We walked out the room. " I've made my decision! I want her. " I said " You mean Jessica ? " the lady said " Yes, her. " I said " Great, I'll get the papers. Follow me. " she said.

Ashton's POV
I'm glad Luke picked Jessica. I really liked her. After Luke signed the papers we rushed into the same room. Jessica was sitting and humming. " Jessica baby you're getting adopted! " Luke yelled " Rewlly ? " Jessica said and ran into Luke's arms. " Jessica you never told me how old you are. " I said " Oh, I 3. " Jessica said " Wow. You big girl. " Michael said " No. I daddy's widdle girl. " Jessica said. Luke laughed and said " That's right. You're daddy's little girl. And I'll never leave you. " " Prumise ? " Jessica said " Promise baby girl. " Luke said. I was kind of curious why she said promise. " It's time to go home now. " Calum said. We got into the car.

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