Chapter 9

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" Luke! Luke! LUKE! " I hear " What?! " I asked " Dude, we have to get to the stadium for rehearsals. Ashton and Calum are already there. " Michael said " Ok. Wait, where's Jessica ?! " I asked. Michael started laughing. " What's funny ? " I asked " Calum just posted a picture of Jessica playing Ashton's drums. " Michael said " What- Let me see " I said. I couldn't help but laugh too.  I got in the shower and got ready. Michael drives us to the stadium. I see the girls and the guys but not Jessica or Ashton. I continued walking. " She's cute! " I hear Perrie say " Does Luke know about this ? " I hear Jade asked. What are they talking about ? Oh dear lord... that's when I see it. " Oh my god! What did you do to my daughter?! She's dressed like Ashton! " I said. Everyone turns around to my direction.
" Jess can you go get the ball ? " Louis asked " Kay " Jessica said " What ball ? " I asked " If you think her dressing like Ashton is only what happened than you're in for a surprise. " Harry said
" Ready uncle Louis ? " Jessica asked
" Ready. " Louis said. Next I see is Jessica kicking a soccer ball at Louis and him stopping the ball. " Dear lord, Louis did you teach my daughter how to play soccer ? " I asked " Yep! Louis said " Michael can I have your phone ? " Jessica asked. Michael handed her his phone and she started playing something. These people are gonna get my daughter to take a little part of them in her. Not to mention, Jessica's hair is in the same hairstyle as Jade's.

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