Chapter 13

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Person's POV
I can't believe I saw my daughter in the park. She's grown up since the last time I saw her. I walked up to her and she recognized me so she started crying.
" Shut up stupid little girl! You're coming back home with me and your father! Let's go! " I yelled " No! You're no my mommy anymore! I have a daddy that loves me, cares about me and I have uncles and aunts that love me! " she yelled back. I hit her which made her cry even more. A teenage girl came running towards us and literally force my grip off Jessica. The teenage girl yelled at me. I also heard her tell Jessica that they are going back "home"  to her "daddy" and the others. She picked up Jessica and started to sorta run. I picked up my phone and dialed a number. " Hello ? Yeah, I found her. We need to gain custody of her again. She belongs with us and it doesn't matter what we did to her in the past. Call the lawyer. " I said.

Ashton's POV
I was sitting on the couch in our hotel room with the others when Rylee came running in carrying a crying Jessica. This put Luke in daddy mode in 0.1 seconds. Luke grabbed Jessica. " Rylee what happened ? Why is Jessica crying ? Why did you come running in like you saw a ghost ? " we all asked at the same time. Rylee was trying to catch her breath. We all looked at Rylee waiting for an answer. Luke was talking to Jessica trying to calm her down.

Luke's POV
I grabbed Jessica from Rylee and sat down on the couch with Jessica.
" Baby, calm down and tell me what happened " I said a calming tone. Jessica started breathing heavy like she couldn't breath and she fainted.
" GUYS, WE NEED TO TAKE JESSICA TO THE HOSPITAL! " I yelled. In 5 minutes we were in the car and driving to the hospital.

~ 30 minutes later ~
We rushed to the front desk. " I need a doctor, my daughter fainted. " I said panicking " Name ? " she asked
" Jessica Hemmings " I said. In a minute a doctor came and took Jessica from Perrie's arms. We all followed the doctor but he stopped us and told us to wait.

We were in the waiting room for an hour and they haven't given us any news about Jessica. " Luke sit down. You've been walking in circles for an hour. " Louis said " How do you expect me to sit down when my daughter is in a hospital and they haven't told me anything?!! " I said. I started crying. Liam got up and hugged me, Perrie did the same, then Niall, Harry, Jesy, Jade, Louis, Leigh-Anna, Ashton, Michael, Calum, and Rylee. " Luke, at the park... a women came up to Jessica and was hurting Jessica by her wrist. I pulled Jessica away from the women and she said something... " Rylee said
" What did she say Rylee ? " Calum asked " She said " I'll be back Jessica " and that's when I left running with Jessica in my arms. " Rylee said. We all looked at each other in confusion and worried.

" Hemmings ? Jessica's father ? " the doctor that took Jessica from Perrie's arms asked. " Yes ? I'm Jessica's father. How is she ? " I said " She's asleep. If you all would follow me, I'll take you to her room. " he said. We followed him to Jessica's room...

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