Chapter 3

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Michael's POV
Jessica was crying nonstop. She's been calling for Luke but he can't hear her. I explained to her that he's asleep and might wake up but we don't know for sure. Luke's in a coma.

Jessica's POV
I want my daddy back! I miss him. I want him to wake up!

Calum's POV
We tried calming down Jessica but nothing was working. " He promised! " Jessica said to us when we reminded her he might never wake up.

I dedicate this song to you
The one who never seeks the truth
That I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl
Hold you tight straight through the day light, I'm right here
When you gonna realize
That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl

Is all we hear Jessica sing to Luke but she finishes saying " you promised ".
We took her home and she just wasn't herself anymore. She wasn't her happy, joyful, loud, fun, singing little girl. It was like her spirit had died. We need Luke back... she needs Luke back.

Tomorrow will be going back to the hospital to see what the doctors say. I don't want Jessica at the hospital anymore to see Luke just laying there on the bed.

" Guys, which one of you will stay home with Jessica tomorrow ? " I asked " I will. " Ashton said. " Jessica it's time to go to bed. " Michael said " Oh ok. Can I sleep in daddy's woom ? " Jessica asked " Sure sweetie. " Michael said. Michael took her to Luke's room and then left to his room to sleep. We were all pretty tired.

Luke's POV
I was in a white room. I couldn't move. I heard singing and recognize that the voice singing was my Jessica. I then heard her say " you promised ". I had to get back to her. She needs me and I need her. I have to try to fight this and wake up.

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