Chapter 12

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Luke's POV
It's been a month since Rylee started babysitting Jessica. They both became friends since day one, and I wasn't expecting that at all.

" Earth to Luke. Come in Luke. " I hear
" Mmm... What's up ? " I asked " Where you even listening ?! " Ashton said " Let me think about that, nope " I said. I just looked at them and it suddenly hit me. I hit my forehead for my stupidity.
It's Jessica's birthday next week... how on earth could I have forgotten my little girls birthday! " I'm a terrible father " I said " No you're not. We've all been seriously busy with the tour. The girls reminded us about Jessica's birthday " Calum said " The other guys didn't remember either " Michael said.

" Hey guys, I'm taking Jessica to the park. We will be back in 2 hours. " Rylee said " Ok. Have fun and be safe. " I said. " Time to plan Jessica's 4th birthday! " Michael said sorta girly.

Rylee's POV
I was sitting on a bench watching Jessica run around in the park. I then saw someone talking to Jessica and grabbing her wrist. I got up and ran to Jessica. " Hey! Let her go! Who the hell are you anyways ?! " I yelled. I pulled the persons hand off of Jessica's wrist. I noticed Jessica was scared and crying.
I managed to get Jessica free. " Stay away! " I yelled at the person. " Come on Jessica, let's go back to your daddy, the boys, and the girls. " I said in my calm voice so I don't scare Jessica.
" I'll be back Jessica " the person said.
Jessica started crying more so I picked her up and started sorta running.

Persons POV ( surprise POV )
" Come on Jessica, let's go back to your daddy, the boys, and the girls " the teenage girl said to my daughter. Let Jessica be with her " family ". I'm going to get custody of Jessica again...


So sorry that I haven't updated in a long time! But I hope you liked this chapter.

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