Chapter 11

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I got to the hotel with Rylee. " Umm... I'm gonna warn you that we have a huge and I really do mean huge hotel room because it's 3 bands/groups sharing the hotel room. " I said " Oh... okay ? " Rylee said. I opened the door and its quite so everyone is still asleep. I heard laughing ? I walked to the living room part of the hotel room and find Jessica and Michael watching a movie.
" Hi. Shouldn't you two be asleep still ? " I said. Michael and Jessica turned around. " Daddy who's that ? " Jessica asked pointing at Rylee. " This is Rylee... your babysitter. " I said. I suddenly hear a high pitched scream. Rylee runs to Jessica and takes her out of Michael's lap. " Hi baby! We are gonna be great friends! " Rylee said. I almost forgot that Rylee is a fan... I got remember to tell the others. " Do you like playing dress up ? " Jessica asked Rylee " Yes! Do you wanna go play that ? " Rylee asked " Yes! Let's go! " Jessica said.

Jessica and Rylee left. " I think they'll get alone super fine. " I said " Yep. But Liam will be sad that Jessica has a new dress up buddy. " Michael said.

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