Chapter 2

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Luke POV
When we got home it was already 2 in the morning. Jessica had a hard time falling asleep so we sang her one of our songs, she fell asleep right away after the song was over. I took her to my room since her room wasn't ready yet.
I was exhausted. I fell asleep with Jessica cuddled on my chest.

When I woke up I noticed Jessica wasn't cuddled on my chest. I look up to see Calum holding Jessica. " Dude, did you not hear Jessica calling you ? " Calum asked " N-no. " I said " Ok ? Breakfast is done. Come downstairs when you're ready. " Calum said. Jessica was trying to wiggle out of his arms. " Put me dwon uncle Cal. " Jessica said " No. We got let Luke get dressed. " Calum said " Ok. " Jessica said. They left my room and I got dressed.

Jessica's POV
Uncle Cal took me dwon staers and gave me pancakes. " Morning guys " I hear daddy say in his morning voice.
" Daddy! " I said and gave him a hug.

Ashton's POV
Jessica gave Luke a hug than went to the couch where Michael was. They started playing peekaboo. I was talking with Luke and Calum when we suddenly hear Jessica crying. " I swrry- I swrry- plwse dunt be mad. " Jessica say while crying " It's okay. I'm not mad. " Michael said " What happened ? " I asked " She slapped me. " Michael said " I said I was swrry. " Jessica said again and started crying again. Luke walked over to them and picked her up.
" Tell you what... lets go shopping for your clothes and decorations for you room ? " Luke said " Ok. " Jessica said.
We walked out the door and into the car. Luke put Jessica in her car seat. Luke got in the drivers side with me in the passenger side.

We took Jessica to lots of stores that we had to visit the car 3 times to drop off the shopping bags. After about 4 hours of shopping we decided to head back home.

Luke's POV
" LUKE!!! " is all I hear before everything went black...

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