Chapter 5

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Daddy and uncles were on the phone with their manager, I don't know what for. I saw daddy's phone ringing so I picked it up. " Hello ? " I said " Hi. Who's this ? " the voice said " Jessica. " I said " Hi Jessica. How are you ? I'm Louis Tomlinson. " he said " Louis from One Direction ? Oh and I good. " I said " You know who I am ? " Louis said " Yes. " I said " What cha doing ? " Louis asked " Talking tu you. " I said. Luke walked in the room. " Baby who you talking to ? " Luke said " Uncle Louis. " I said " Can I have my phone back ? " Luke asked " No. " I said " Why not ? " Luke asked " Cuz I talk tu uncle! " I said " Sweetie can I talk to Luke please ? " Louis said through the phone, " Ok. " I said. I gave the phone to daddy.

Luke's POV
" Louis how you been ? Long time we haven't talked. " I said " I'm good. Listen I'm calling to see if you want to come on tour with us ? Little mix will also be with us. " Louis said " Of course. We would love to. When does it start ? " I said " In 2 days. You guys will meet us in London for the first concert. Sounds good ? " Louis said " Ya. Perfect. See you soon. " I said. I hung up the phone. I picked up Jessica and walked downstairs to the living room. Jessica went into Ashton's arms and fell asleep. " Guys, Louis called me and asked if we could be on tour with them and little mix so I said yes. We leave in 2 days. We meet them in London. Oh and also, when Louis called me Jessica answered my phone. " I said " Should we start packing ? " Calum asked " Ya. We should. Ashton leave Jessica on the couch. Let's go pack. " I said.

We were all packing. I also packed Jessica's luggage.

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