Chapter 18

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Don't play song until you reach Luke's POV

Ashton's POV
It's been 5 days since we lost custody of Jessica. Luke barely sleeps, eating, or even leave his room or the hotel or the tour bus. Luke also isn't doing well on stage when we have concerts and we are all getting worried. Liam, Harry, Niall, and Louis get constant notifications about where is Jessica because they had introduced her when they had an interview with James. I just hope Jessica is okay.

Jessica's POV
I'm not okay. I'm scared. They barely feed me actual food. They hurt. They lock me in my old room. They tell me bad things. They never loved me. I'm hiding in my closet...

It's currently night and I had already pack my backpack with some of my things. I'm running away from this place tonight. I managed to get one of their phones and I'll be keeping it with me for when I leave.'s now time. I got out my closet and opened my window and jumped out landing on the ground hard. I don't know if I had fractured anything or broken anything but I don't care...I need to start running. I grabbed my back pack and started running.

~ 5 hours later ~
I've been running nonstop but I'm going to take a break. I sat down and took out the phone.

I dialed a number...

" Hello ? " the person said on the other end of the phone " Uncle Louis " I said " Jessica?! Where are you ?! Are you okay ?! " Louis asked " I need help! I ran away and I've been running for hours. I don't know where I am and I'm scared. I gotta go and continue running because I don't know if they found out I left and are following me " I said and hung up the phone. I put the phone away and put the backpack on my back and continued running.

Louis's POV
The line went dead. " GUYS! GUYS! JESSICA JUST CALLED ME AND TOLD ME SHE RAN AWAY. SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHERE SHE IS AND SHE IS SCARED! WE NEED TO GO AND FIND HER! " I yelled as I ran to the back of the tour bus " What are you talking about ?! Where is she ?! " Calum asked " I don't know. She sounded scared. We need to go look for her now! " I said.

We all got ready but no one was as fast as Luke who was waiting for us outside the tour bus.

Jessica's POV
I was running when I noticed the stadium where daddy and the others performed that night before I was taken away. I should call Louis again and tell him where I am.

I dialed Louis's number again...

Louis's POV
We were all talking about a plan and where we should start looking when my phone rang. " Hello ? " I said " Uncle Louis " I heard Jessica's voice " Hold on I'll put you on speaker " I said and put Jessica on speaker. " Jessica you're on speaker now " I said " Uncle Louis, I'm at the stadium where daddy and you all performed " Jessica said " Baby hold on! We are on our way " Perrie said " Okay " Jessica said and hung up.

We all started running to the stadium...

Luke's POV
We reached the stadium in an hour. I was looking for my baby.

I felt a light hit on my arm. I looked at Michael who was pointing in a direction. I followed where he was pointing and I saw Jessica...

" JESSICA! " I yelled and ran towards her " DADDY! " Jessica said and ran towards me. I picked Jessica up and hugged her tightly. The others walked towards Jessica and I and did a group hug.

I had one thing on my mind...I'm getting custody of Jessica again...

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