Chapter 4

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* 3 days later *

Ashton's POV
" Hello ? " I asked " Hi. Who am I speaking to ? " the person on the phone said " You're speaking to Ashton. Ashton Irwin. " I said " Is Luke Hemmings related to you ? " the person asked " Ya. He's my band mate but like a brother to me. Why ? What's wrong ? " I said " Well he woke up. You should come to the hospital right now. " the person said " Ok. I'll be there soon. " I said. I can't believe he's awake! Calum and Michael are busy with Jessica so I'll go by myself.

I got to the hospital and walked into Luke's room. " Hey man. How do you feel ? " I asked " I'm good. Where are the others and Jessica ? " Luke asked " Umm... about that. Jessica is taking it pretty hard without you. She barely eats. She'll only eat a little bit. She sleeps in your room. Dude, she misses you. Calum and Michael and I couldn't get her to stop crying. She even sang to you. " I said " Heartbreak girl, the song I sing to her every night. I heard her. How long... how long have I been in the coma ? " Luke said " 3 days. " I said. The doctor came in the room. " Good news is you came go home. You seem perfectly fine. " the doctor said " ok. Thank you " Luke said. We left the hospital. Luke was pretty happy.

Michael's POV
" We need back up. I'm calling the girls. " Calum said " I agree. Call them. " I said. Calum was talking on the phone.
" Thanks. See you when you get here. " Calum said then hung up the phone. " They're coming. " Calum said. Thank god! We heard the doorbell ring and I answered it. " Hey girls. Thanks so much. Jessica just wouldn't stop crying. She misses her daddy a lot. She's upstairs in her room. " I said " Ok. We'll be upstairs. ". They walked upstairs.

A couple of minutes the front door opened. " Luke! You're awake and back! We've missed you. " Calum said
" I've missed you too. Where's Jessica ? " Luke asked. We suddenly heard singing. " We need backup so we called the girls. They're upstairs with Jessica. " I said " Go call the girls. " Luke said
" GIRLS! COME DOWNSTAIRS AND BRING JESSICA! " I yelled. A couple of seconds later they came downstairs.

Luke's POV
" Uncle Micky why you yell ? Jessica said " Baby ? " I said " DADDY!! " Jessica said and wiggled free and ran into my arms. " I've missed you so much baby girl. " I said " I thoaght you left me. " Jessica said. I wiped her tears away and said " I promised remember ? ". I looked up. " Thanks you guys. " I said to them " Not a problem. We love her. " " Auntie Jade, are you guys leaving ? " Jessica asked. Did she call Jade auntie ? " Auntie Perrie, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anna are you staying ? " Jessica asked " No my little cutie. We have to leave for tour tomorrow and we have to pack tonight. " Oh ok. " Jessica said.

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