Chapter 15

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Luke's POV
" WHAT DO YOU MEAN JESSICA'S PARENTS ARE TAKING ME TO COURT?! " I yelled. We were all outside of Jessica's hospital room. Louis got mad and went back inside. He's currently sleeping on the hospital bed with Jessica sleeping right next to him. " Luke the court is tomorrow " Liam said " This is not fair! They can't take my baby girl away from me! " I said " Mate... what if they miss their daughter ? " Harry asked " Then they should have thought about that before they abused her! " I said.

I didn't want to have this conversation anymore so I went to go find the doctor and asked if I could take my daughter home today. I walked back into Jessica's hospital room. " Hey baby, we can go home now " I said " Okay daddy " Jessica said in her sleeping voice. Everyone else has left and went back to the hotel. I grabbed Jessica and carried her to the car. I put Jessica in her car seat and she fell asleep. About 30 minutes later we were back at the hotel. Jessica was sleeping when I entered the hotel room. " Luke and Jessica are back! " Louis yelled and that's all it took for Jessica to wake up.

" Uncle Louis!! " Jessica said and wiggled free from my arms. I sighed.

Jessica's POV
I went to go play with uncle Louis for a while. Daddy, uncle Cal, Ashton, and Mikey went to a room to talk about grown up stuff, whatever that means.

Ashton's POV
" Luke the court is tomorrow and you have to be ready to face anything that happens... " I said

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