Chapter 7

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Niall's POV
" Guys! Guys! " I heard Louis say " What Louis ? " I asked. We had just finished the concert about 3 hours ago and it was now midnight and Louis is also basically yelling but in a whisper.
" Jessica wasn't in my bunk! I don't know where she is! " Louis said. My eyes widened. " Damnit Louis! Luke is gonna kill you! Wake up Harry and Liam, we must find Jessica before Luke wakes up to check on her. " I said. Louis woke up Liam and Harry and we started looking on the bus for her. " Why are you 4 making so much noise ? " Leigh-Anna asked " Sorry did we wake you ? " Harry asked " Not only her. " Jade, Jesy and Perrie said " Louis lost Jessica so we are looking for her. " Liam said " You didn't. Louis tell us you did not lose our little sweetie?! " Jade said " She wasn't in my bunk when I woke up. It's not my fault. " Louis said
" We must find her before the other 4 wake up and yell at you Louis. " Perrie said.

Luke's POV
I heard someone making so much noise. I saw the guys and the girls awake and looking around the bus. I got up from my bunk. " What are you guys doing ? " I asked " Umm... why are you awake ? " Louis asked " Because you guys were making noise. So what are you guys doing ? " I said " Before you start yelling I just wanna say that it wasn't my fault. Jessica wasn't in my bunk when I woke up. " Louis said " Wait... what ? " I asked " You lost my daughter! " I said raising my voice " Yes ? " Louis said. I'm gonna hurt him.
" How ?! " I said " I dunno. " Louis said " Guys, shut up! You're gonna wake up Jessica! " Ashton said poking his head from the curtain on his bunk. " Did you just say Jessica ? " we all kind of said at the same time " Ya. She came over from Louis's bunk and crawled into my arms. What did you think something happened ? " Ashton said " Yes! I thought Louis lost my baby girl! " I yelled " D-daddy ? " I heard a sleepy voice say. Crap, I woke her up. " Yes baby it's me. Go back to sleep baby. " I said " I didn't mean tu scare you guys. I just wanted tu being in uncle Ashton's arms. " Jessica said " It's fine baby. Go back to sleep. " I said. I had to sing Jessica's song ( heartbreak girl ) to get her to fall asleep. After she fell asleep, we all went to bed.

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