11. Joliet The Doll

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Joliet is known to 'curse' any family who owns her.

A person named Anna said the doll was passed down from mother to daughter in her family. Each daughter was cursed to have two kids. A girl and a boy. Each son died at 3 days old.

The family thinks that each spirit of the boys that die gets trapped in the doll until Judgment Day.

 Anna says, "My mother lost a son the same way as did my grandmother and great grandmother. As I have been told by my mother, the cursed doll was given to my great grandmother by a jealous friend as a toy when she was pregnant with her second child; a son who also died at 3 days old. Each of us in my family have loved the doll and cared for our lost children to this day. My only daughter will do the same one day when she is older."

In August, 1945, the doll did the first paranormal thing. It giggled as the owner's cat walked by her feet. Whenever someone made a mistake, the doll would change it's expression and giggle at them.

Family pets always hid, wanting to stay away from the doll.

You can hear Joliet crying at night. The sounds of infants crying and screaming come form the doll. Anna says, "It can be heard quite clearly. We have not tried to get rid of it because we know the sous of our lost sons are trapped inside and do not want them to come to any harm. It is a haunted curse that my family bares. I have consulted mediums, psychics, paranormal investigators and the clergy. They all say I'm crazy. But I know what I feel and know it is true to me!"

Years went by of trying to find answers. Now, Joliet is still with her family. The family still thinks that all the little boys who died at 3 days old, are inside the doll.

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