5. Harold The Doll

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Harold was the first doll ever to be sold on Ebay. The doll was called 'Haunted Harold.' Many people were viewing and bidding the doll.

This was written by the seller on Ebay...

"I'm sure it's happened to us at least once or twice. You are walking around a flea market or antique mall looking for a treasure or two and you come upon a beat-up looking doll. You think to yourself, "Oh that's charming", or "the child who owned this doll must have really loved this thing"...but what I thought after seeing the doll that is offered today, should never, ever be repeated...

This doll was purchased in a small dirt lot flea market in the quaint town of Webster, Florida. Webster is a very charming, industrial, town about 60 miles South West of Gainesville. They have weekly flea market offering treasures, bargains, and aisles of kettle corn...anyways, I digress...

I had arrived at the flea market fairly late in the day when most people were packing up to go home. That is when I saw an elderly man placing the doll in a box.

It looked interesting, so I asked the man if I could see it...the conversation went something like this...

Man: You don't want to see this doll.

Me: Sure I do. What do you want for it?

Man: Well...this is a good question because its very old... (the man looked like he was going to begin to cry) Its was my son's, I bought it for him when he was born, and he passed away a few years after...this doll has sat in my work shed for over 60 years. I wasn't going to bring it out today, but I figured I just needed to get it out of there...anyways, I want 20 bucks for it.

I gave the guy 20 bucks, put it in a bag, and walked away. When I was halfway down the aisle, the man came running over, visibly out of breath...

Man: I have to warn you about something. I cant let you take him like this...the reason it has been in my shed, is that the doll brought an eerie presence into our house after our son died...we would hear crying and singing from his bedroom...when we went to check it out, there was nothing, just the doll...Other things started to happen, and the priest told me I should burn the doll. I tried and tried, but it would barely burn. That's why his arms and legs are so worn....anyways, I just wanted to let you know...

I told him ok, and chuckled to myself as I walked away...that was until I got home, and my life has never been the same...

Two days later by cat died, my gf left me for the pool guy. I began to have chronic migraines, and this is only 2 days after purchasing the doll!

A week later I began to hear children laughing and crying in my basement...Every time I would go check it out...of course...nothing...

This doll has been in an armadillo coffin in my basement for the last year and a half, and I need to get rid of it...I really do believe its cursed, sometimes I touch it, and it seems like it has a pulse, maybe I'm just paranoid, maybe not...

The cursed doll measures 21" tall. His/her/its head, arms and legs are all composition. The eyes are closed when its lying down.

Please ask any and all questions before you bid this doll. I have not had it out of the coffin for years, so if anything else happens this week I will be sure to let you know. This auction is sold as is. WITH NO RETURNS! PLEASE!

Winner pays exact shipping and optional insurance. Check out my other auctions for more vintage collectable and antiques. Ask all questions before you bid.

Even in you think you are sure about condition, pictures, etc, please ask all SPECIFIC questions, BEFORE BIDDING. Thanks for looking and good luck!

The doll had over 100,000 views. The winning bidder got the doll for $700 but the woman didn't pay.

The second bidder got the doll for $300 but she sold it on to another family because she couldn't handle it.

A friend of the seller now owns the doll. She had a couple of odd things going on after she took the doll.

A friend of hers came over to see the doll after she heard about the strange things. A month later, her friend developed a brain tumor and died. Before, she was completely healthy.

A week later another friend took a look at the doll. A month later he fell from a flight of stairs to his death.

The woman was in her bedroom one night, when she heard noises downstairs. She went to check it out and found Harold, sitting in a chair. He looked like he was smiling at her.

Whenever she's around Harold, she always feels like she's being watched. Her friends and family don't want to go near him. So he is locked away in her basement.

The doll continues to be sold to different people. No one has kept him.

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