14. Island of the Dolls

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The Island of the Dolls is a strange yet very interesting story. It is set in Mexico, on an island called Isla de la Munecas (Island of the Dolls) and it is a tourist attraction now.

The Island is south of Mexico City and currently holds hundreds of terrifying and mutilated dolls. They have severed limbs, decapitated heads, and blank eyes that adorn trees, fences and nearly every visible surface on the island.

Dolls hang from trees, lay on the ground, and some even float on the surrounding sea.

The dolls are very unnerving and chilling to look at even during the light of day. When it becomes dark the island is not somewhere you want to be whether you are on your own or with a group.

Of course, the island is covered in hundreds of dolls for a reason. It all started with Don Julian Santana, a man who discovered the body of a drowned child in the sea about 50 years ago.

Not long after he found the dead child a doll came floating up from the sea in the distance. He was so traumatized that he decided to attempt to bring her spirit to peace.

He decided to place a doll in the tree and leave it hanging there, hoping it would lay her to rest.

One doll in a tree ended up not being enough to ease Santana's mind, which was troubled and scarred. He continued to collect dolls and even doll parts out of the sea whenever he saw them. He would hang each one on the island.

There was no such thing as more than enough when it came to dolls. He would scavenge all over, even in trash heaps. Later in life, he began trading his home, grown fruits and vegetables for dolls. 

Many stories have been told about the island over the years, a popular story was that Don Santana had gone mad and believed the dolls to be real children who he pulled from the water and tried to revive.

But the truth which was disclosed by family members who run the island as a tourist attraction, is that Don Santana believed the island was haunted by the little girl's spirit.

He believed that he could make the deceased girl happy and keep evil at bay by hanging discarded dolls in all of the island's trees.

In 2001, Don Santana drowned in the water, just like the little girl.

Many people said the dolls caused the death of the old man, others say that it was just a strange coincidence and the dolls have taken over his spot as the caretaker on the island.

At the time, the island was not well known. Since then, people have visited including television crews who claim to have proof that the island is haunted. 

Getting to the island is a bit of a long and difficult task, but walking among the creepy dolls is an experience like no other. Most of the dolls were rejected by their previous owners for various reasons.

Severed limbs, body-less heads, sun- bleached. mold covered, some were missing nearly all of their hair.

Spiders and insects live in the hollow parts of most of the dolls, and the majority of them have been ruined by sunlight.

People claim to have witnessed the dolls blinking or whispering among one another.

The island has a small wooden museum with the story and the history of the area.

Even though there has been no complete evidence that the island is very haunted, it still holds an eerie presence to all who are brave enough to visit it. 

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